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  • When I tried to play a game with Sean (and this is for the past 2 days now) neither of us was apparently a suitable host, and our party keeps DC'ing ):

    Also trying to update all the really outdated stuff in CM. Resource section has a lot of stuff I never really noticed before, been coming that entire area.
    What did Hughes say to Mustang? "I'm here to elevate you. From here on out we work as a team."
    not entirely sure man, his fast way to contact me was using his mobile phone and facebook private message.
    btw, Sean was working on CC last night. :x the domains for .com are expensive as crap, dear god.
    currently working on the platinum for this game, just need to beat Heihachi's and Raiden's when I finish Big Daddy's.
    did that really just happen??
    I just got you in a completely random game!!!
    Dude it just occurred to me (now) that we can use our vitas to game chat through the party app lol. Save our fingers from the 15 minute message lag.
    we couldn't get opponents consistently in our belt class because we play outside of our belt class.
    my god that nariko + sweet tooth/radec was the worst team of runners ever.
    Yeah, it was pretty tiresome though. Like, I enjoyed making the album A LOT but man, producing pretty much every single day is so tiring! I've basically been producing for about 6 months non-stop (demos and stuff like that) so I've decided to take a break for a while. Kinda need it haha!

    That's great, man! Really want to hear more of your music so be sure to let me know when you have something ready! In fact, I just listened to "Prelude". Gotta say, I'm digging it!
    It did that to me before and made me KAT while I was playing as Sly before, like wtf.

    you never on ps3 no mo )': and idk how to play co-op on vita version lol.
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