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  • lol yes i heard i read the whole thing, are you planning to read it? you'll like it.

    ....you sir have got me sold! @^@ take me to this mystical world!
    oooh~ XD though it was an author initial.

    haha let me guess you never grow older than 20 there right?
    =D Gesso! YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

    i'll check it out, who's WSJ?

    where the hell you been?
    It's from an OVA from the Young Animators Project for this year. It's called Wasurenagumo. Should check it out. NyaaTorrents >> Torrent Information >> [gg]_Young_Animator_Training_Project_2011_-_Wasurenagumo_[F73D699B].mkv | Anime, manga, and music - Just say the word
    theres no way its that thick! im not an apprentice! >: i was on board til the gender bend part.
    Sounds like a worthwhile use of time!

    I've been reading any webcomics I can get my hands on. And playing the occasional video game. Not really much of note, honestly.
    Thanks I am finally use to it now. I had a hard time logging in a few times because I kept forgetting I changed it lol. I am excited about getting older for the most part because it gives you some new freedoms, but there are also some major changes to get use to. Have you been watching any good anime lately?
    Hi, mister "hasn't talked to me in a year!"

    I should probably point out that I miss you. That seems relevant to our conversational purposes!

    Looking back on our conversations, I would like to say... Sorry. If I ever offended you. As young me was liable to do to people.
    Hey have not heard from you in awhile. This is RisingDawnStar btw. I got a name change yesterday. It only took me a few years to get one lol.
    Oh and happy birthday because I am pretty sure it is your birthday. I think...o.o
    I saw it as it was airing, so I suppose you could say I "took my time with it." It's a much easier feat to accomplish when they force you to wait a week between episodes.

    But yeah, my favorite episodes are probably 10 and 11.
    It's been so long that I don't even know what you're thanking me for, lol

    Also, Shoma from Mawaru Penguindrum
    Tsuritama - PV1. - YouTube

    The article was updated to include the video. Here's the link so you can embed it into your post.
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