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  • Yeah I know!!! lol. Sorry for the late reply lol I forget about this site all the time. -_-
    I've been good, a lot has happened, good and bad but meh, it's life aha.
    How about you man?
    hmm.....ill be on when i can
    still need to study for SAT's and stuff. And other interests often prevent me from coming on.

    well thats good that youreable to cope :) hope it wasnt anything too bad?
    I havent been on for a long time....stupid school XD
    anyways....yeah that was a super long random face :p
    ...so um hows life?
    Hey seeing as many new players get discourage, and stop trying to play, you think it would be a good idea to have a group of mentors helping them. Sorta of like a adopt a newbie thing but not totaly. The whole concept would be a school for inferno. Mentors/teachers help newbies get on there feet and head on out into the dangerous worlds of the inferno. Our squad doesn't have to do it, but I will suggest this if it sounds good to you.
    Oh haii sorry just been really busy with dance and Aaron and yehhh haha. Ill talk to you soon!! My dance stuff is almost over sooo im glad but sad :( Anyways ttys!!!
    Words of inspiration: Too save the world, you must save yourself first. Shoot the moon with the aim of a sniper!!!
    Damn. >.o Missed seeing you online and in the Inferno. Been awhile since I talked to you. You missed a good bit in the inferno. A new chapter is being working on and should be out rather soon really.
    IDK if Justin is a very good leader, but I will help if he tries.

    Thanks Shawn D:, I don't even try to get alot of posts.
    Edit: >.> he hasn't been on since Dec 31st.
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