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  • Hiya EO~ It's been a while eh? Just wondering how things have been going for both you and TTK as well. Miss having convos with you two and playing the RPG. How's your digital artwork been going? Interested in any careers that involve it?

    Also, the RPG has been changed. Iggy has made it easier for people to get through :3 (I think he already told you. Not sure :<) Hope to see you around in the future. Shino misses you D:
    Hi, i'd just like to say, I saw your drawing on the Art Conversation ~ NO TYPING! Thread, and it is amazing .__. Obviously I couldn't tell you that on the thread or that would be breaking the rules XD
    But yeah, you draw amazingly well!
    Ah. :\

    My enthusiasm is also slowly draining too, I guess. I haven't really seen anyone from the squad besides Ramen, and Obito on either. Maybe school and real life objectives are taking everyone's time up.
    o_O It said the same thing last month and I didn't let it download. I guess i can wait it out until I get a job and pay for virus protection.
    okat does online free scanv3 sound safe to you lol? I just got a virus alert and need to know if it's fake
    EO <3, just wondering how the sprites are going.

    This is Anbu, Rose, Stark. Im using Obito thing by an accident
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