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On my eleventh birthday, a giant came to my home and informed me that I was actually a wizard, and that my real parents had been killed by an evil sorcerer when I was still a baby. The sorcerer inadvertently also died, but his evil ring remained and as such he still had a means of resurrection. I was tasked with destroying the ring, by tossing it into an enormous mystical volcano, but first I had to recover the ring from the sinking Titanic... in the Matrix! Upon entering the Matrix with my old friend Neo, I met a vicious group of undead pirates, and bartered passage to the sinking Titanic on their pirate ship, the Black Pearl. I managed to find and grab the ring before the Titanic sank (despite Rose refusing to let me on her plank), and I immediately brought it back to my world. As hastily as I could, I rushed the ring to the brink of the volcano. However it was then revealed to me that the evil sorcerer had already been revived by a legion of his dark minions. Worse still, the evil sorcerer was actually my father. Enraged, I dueled him at the edge of the volcano, and cast both he and the ring into the fires below. Or something like that.

Science, video games, tennis, playing violin, reading sci-fi and fantasy, and writing fiction.
Apr 5, 1993 (Age: 27)
Currently playing
Super Smash Bros. 4


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Author of: The Wayward Wind, The Wonderful World of Pokemon, The Hall of Empty Melodies, A KHristmas Story