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Recent content by Evello

  1. Evello

    Is this how the timeline goes after BBS?

    Basically this. Apprentice Xehanort (seemingly not yet a Heartless, since he talks about becoming one in the next report) thought the princesses of heart might have a connection to the Keyblade wielders, so he chucked her into space in the hopes that she would lead him to the Keyblade heroes...
  2. Evello

    What were your thoughts on KH3D

    The story of DDD is far too convoluted for anyone to reasonably follow without extensively researching and discussing the series online. This isn't helped by how much the game doesn't explain and how frequently it seemingly contradicts itself. I'm a huge fan of the KH series, and have never...
  3. Evello

    Hardest Organization 13 member?!?!

    Xaldin, no question. I still honestly have no idea how you're supposed to go about winning that fight. I can never make the jump command work right. Mickey saved me a million times there. It was the only time I ever used him. Xigbar was up there, just for his screen-filling laser barrage...
  4. Evello

    Lemme see if I got this right (Final World story question)

    Yes, that is exactly right. There were quite a lot of dreams within dreams.
  5. Evello

    Xehanort's many forms... (for those that are confused about what's going on)

    Yes, Lap, the old Xehanort forms cannot be destroyed in the post-DDD present. Time is immovable, as Young Xehanort tells Sora. Only I doubt that YMX, Ansem, and Xemnas disappear into their correct times when they are defeated, I believe that they cannot be defeated. If they were defeated in...
  6. Evello

    Time Travel Time Line.

    In DDD Young Xehanort makes it very clear that he did come up with all his plans by himself, without MX coming back to tell him things. However, you're right, there's no way he could have come up with the plans without outside help, which Sora, Yen Sid, and Mickey all agreed on. All of...
  7. Evello

    Making Sense of the Unexplained

    I don't believe that the comment you're quoting is correct. YMX's point about Ansem possessing Riku was supposed to explain how they knew everything in advance; Sephiroth0812 is saying the opposite. My understanding of the Riku comment is that Ansem experienced the ending of KH1 through KH2...
  8. Evello

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    In neither of those instances does it say that the future has not been determined, just that it is beyond Xehanort's sight. Even if the timeline is completely predetermined this would be true, since Xehanort only has memories of what happens up until DDD. I always took this as proof that...
  9. Evello

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    This is why I really didn't like DDD's story. There were far too many retcons and leaps of faith Nomura expected us to make. The way I imagined it, Xehanort gave up his body, and when he became a Heartless he sort of lost some of his initial plan. Since he was linked to all the Heartless, he...
  10. Evello

    Making Sense of the Unexplained

    I'm not completely opposed to meta-time, I just don't think a changeable future is possible, since it requires a changeable past and thus opens up opportunities for paradoxes (and DDD basically confirmed that the past is set). I also don't really see the need for a present block...
  11. Evello

    Making Sense of the Unexplained

    Very good explanation. I don't think I'll ever quite understand how Sora and Riku were dreaming in the realm of sleep, and where on earth (or not earth?) their physical bodies actually were, but you've summed up a lot of good info here. The one thing I would dispute is the malleable future...
  12. Evello

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    The way I understood it, the future and present are no different than the past. Time is pretty much stated to be constant all around. The future is always established, even 'before' it happens. Xehanort straight up states that everything from BbS to DDD was all set in stone thanks to YMX...
  13. Evello

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    YMX basically says to Sora that Riku being possessed by Ansem was how Xehanort knew everything that would happen in KH1 ahead of time. Him trying to kill himself would not really explain this. Somehow Riku's experiences were being sent back in time to earlier Xehanorts. The only way I can...
  14. Evello

    FINALLY bought a 3DS and KH3D

    Yeah, I'm with you on being just okay with DDD, though for different reasons. The gameplay was definitely fun and unique. Slightly less interesting than BbS to me, but it was very different, so that's totally subjective. Flowmotion was super awesome, even if it could get a bit annoying in...
  15. Evello

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    I'm not sure where Riku plays into this all, but I believe Kairi flying out of the cave was intended to answer Sora's question of how the RF knew where to find Sora in order to give the Xehanort's a time travel destination into the Realm of Sleep. The answer is Kairi. Apprentice Ansem was...