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  • You seem like an interesting enough person to talk to.

    I'm liking the RP and I am anxious to start. But this VM is not meant to nag you into hurrying. However, I admit having ulterior motives: am I in?

    That aside, hi. What's the time, Mr Wolf?
    Hey there!

    I havent forgotton, been keeping a close eye on it. SOrry being christmas ive been major busy, but there is a temp in the making :D
    Something tells me the two of us should collaborate properly and make something awesome.

    Something also tells me you'd love my own creation, summarily titled 'Vanguard', though it could hardly be called a 'creation', given the vast majority of it is still in my head. You could, however, read up on some of the related stuff in the following articles on the KHIRP Wiki:

    Drake Ignis - KHInsider Roleplaying Wiki
    Zauss Tajit - KHInsider Roleplaying Wiki
    Element - KHInsider Roleplaying Wiki
    As well as that guy I made for our battle.

    And trust me, it's much much bigger than just that.
    Hey Bum Bum I would like a little more information on dis. I started a tempylate, but what the swill-billies does Chosen: mean?

    And maybe a little more elaboration on it, if you would, pleasers.
    I'm fine man. I see you have risen up quite a bit since I left. Proud to see that. Anyway, how are you?
    Hey man. It has been a long time. I've just been somewhere else, but I'll try to be on here more often. Sorry for not being on here for so long.
    I'll make sure to give it a look, though my time for roleplaying - in light of exam study and the proceeding celebrations of the end of high school - is limited for the immediate future.
    I gave him a little Bipolar Disorder, with some OCDness, and slight psychosis. Ne, Ne, I'll post sometime today, hopefully.
    Oh yay!! ^_^ I have to go to work soon so I can't post right now but I'll definitely post later today!!
    Ok Eventua. But there's somme bad news. Imma gonna be off the interent for well, two weeks! so Could you reserve a spot for me and I'll make my temp then. Sorry just because of school and stuff I won't be going on for a long time. Sorry dude
    Not necessarily, but would be one of the most-informed within the UNSC military alliance. A habit of Precursor technology to not forfeit it's secrets to scientists might make your job difficult, but the opportunity for study would arise when needed.
    Just to let you know, overall, very little is known of the Precursors, because while information and hardware systems are open to use, any efforts to extract the information on how they work or any more important information from them are typically met with denied access or even self-destruction. That said, any vanguard ship of the UNSC is required to have a human 'expert' on the topic of the Precursors, and that's where your character would fall.
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