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  • Actually can I just claim he's the descendent of a clan of experiments dropped in some country for fun and now he's back.
    But but but trolls are ugly fugly things.

    Eh, I'll wait till I fully understand what trolls are supposed to be in the RP (I'm just wary of the connotations of the word).

    The feet, instead of stepping flat-footed, are like that of a lion or tigers, with walking or movement done on the balls of the feet. Similar thing with claws in the toes, and thick nails, basically claws, on the hands. A slightly flattened and elongated head, with elfish ears that are moveable like a cats.
    You think we could have a race for the steampunk fantasy that's very closely related to humans, but kind of more bestial? Not furries, but, say, claws, sharp teeth, and other predatory elements to them?
    I can't close the old thread, sorry. Not allowed to have two threads abut the same RP. It's not a new RP, so it has to remain one thread.
    I've been trying to edit in the rest of my post, but it won't let me. Leave your post as it is, I'll try and get the rest of it up later
    Just so you know, I have a post ready, but for some reason, it won't let me post in our battle.
    okay i edited it, but for personality we have to have a couple of paragraphs? because im really not good with the stuff D:
    Hey Eventua! on q on the rp for the vanguard plot. Has anyone gone for the role of the person trying to open the dark realm?
    Excellent :) Your edited template is fine; expect a message from me soon. I intend to make the first battle with you soon
    Sorry, I thought I had replied, but I forgot. Anyway; yes, although he's not really a General by grade (although he could have become an Admiral I guess).
    all right...basically he is trying to save everyone but i guess that sorta can work..
    ill come up with something
    yeah i edit my Temp so it says that above it.
    plus Vash was a criminal wanted for 60 billion dollars for destroying an entire city in seconds. All though there was no casualties. so yeah...I guess Vash could still help the Vanguard....
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