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  • The only dungeon that has been completed so far is the Castle of Boiling Earth, courtesy of Jinan/ Sorafinalform. That is also the only gem found so far.
    Er... I've only been rp'ing for... A month and a half now? OwO I don't know alot really, mostly basics. I could try, but it'll take me a bit to get it all set up for you. Hopefully, I'll have all of the same concepts...
    Well you see that's the thing. Considering nearly half of KHI's population isn't interested in anything other than KH (generalizing ftw), the RP isn't Naruto based. Keybladers and Org XIII are in the storyline and are major factors. So you don't have to just know Naruto to be in this RP
    What I meant for the temp is all the sections you have on it are good, just the details on each section could go in the rules. And, standard rules are good but in some cases, you want things that'll be for the kind of crowd you want. Like, posts have to be pg-13 {heh, I kinda broke this rule in another rp of mine...} is an optional one. Or, how many abilities or attributes you want a charecter to have. Also, things like going against hive minding and bringing in things that don't fit in help alot too.
    Okay, you have the plot and the seperate groups. That's good. One problem I'm having is with the template. You just wanna keep it simple, details can go into the rules. Oh, yeah. You need to set up rules for this. The basics go into play but you'll also need rules that'll apply only to your rp, that is, if you want to keep it going a certain way.

    So, the template and rules are mainly what I need.
    Sorry, I just closed joinage and I had room for one last minute temp. But I will be re-opening them soon.
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