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  • You can still go back to it.

    Under Triple Triad should be an underlined Active Battle link.
    Just make sure you post in the right section and you'll be fine. I suggest exploring a bit before posting.

    Forgive my mouse handwriting, but it's at the top left of every section in the forum.

    Announcements, The Foyer, the KH sections, Final Fantasy, Forum Insanity, General Discussion, etc.

    There are also sub-sections, too.
    Like in Creative Writing where I got that screen shot. It has Poetry and Fanfiction separate and then original stories and screen plays can be put on the main section.

    Depending on what section you want to post in you click the "New thread" button at the top of the list of threads.
    You can post and start threads.

    One post is 5 munny. A thread is 20 I believe.
    But this by no means encourages spam. Please don't be stupid about it.
    Even though I wasn't trying to piss you off and just telling you how to avoid getting in trouble for various mistakes that new people constantly make. I was expecting the usual "oh, sorry. it won't happen again, thanks for telling me" but instead I get bombarded with arguments and insults.
    And how can I trust that smile? You called me so many mean names! D:
    [i'm joking, but still.]
    I'd rather not. I don't have many at all and I'm not in the mood. The game's glitching on me too much. I need to help spot them and report them to my friend.

    I'm just going to say this before I put it into action for your 3 day ban.

    You double posted. You posted once, then you posted again immediately after that having two posts after another. I wasn't BOSSING YOU AROUND. I was asking you not to. If my friend didn't delete our fight, you'd see that I even said "please".

    Also, I never double posted. I'm not sure you even understand what it is...
    I'm 19. Age has nothing to do with me doing my job. :|

    Seriously, can you cut the crap and stop acting like an internet tough guy? You aren't going to win and my friend thinks you deserve some punishment for acting like you are. Why you are acting like this STILL, I don't know.
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