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  • Uh, actually, I talked to a fellow staff member and they agree that you started this mess, if not at least fueled it, by insulting me for trying to tell you what you were doing wrong.

    Also, you'd get IP banned for bypassing a ban by making a new account. Not because of this crap.
    Oh, real mature, blaming me on all of this.

    I'm not yelling at you about the being new thing, for the record. I'm angry at you for calling me an asswipe, a brat, a fool, asshole, a weirdo, etc.

    Oh and sort of threatening me.
    You realize you can get banned for harassment here, right? And don't say "OH WELL YOU'RE GONNA GET BANNED YOU'RE HARASSING ME."

    I'm not.

    I'm not going to do it because I'm nice but you can.
    Just a warning.
    I don't have BBS, won't have BBS and didn't even know about the multiplayer. I don't even have a PSP. Please don't assume I know everything because I'll even admit it: I don't know everything about KH.

    And I'm actually a section mod. I was trying to help regardless of my spot in the staff, though. :|

    And it kind of does because I like seeing the forum I constantly go to run nicely and the new people (I.E. you) understanding what they're doing wrong before they do something actually stupid. You barely did ANYTHING wrong and you're freaking out at me. WHY?

    ...I thought I established that I'm not harassing you. I'm warning you to cut it out before someone comes around and actually YELLS at you about the rules and all that. Granted, the FAQ still isn't up yet but you still need to use some common sense here.

    And KH is a one player game... ._.' That isn't really a threatening statement, sir. Nor am I trying to be.

    But seriously, just stop the "I'm new, I'm new! Hey guys! Guess what! I'm new! GUYS. I'm new."
    Because after a while, no one gives a crap and you aren't new anymore, right?
    Yeah you don't really need to say "I'm new" in every post. I'm just lookin' around at your posts... You don't really need to do that. You can stop after like, one.

    Just sayin'.
    It'd be preferred if you didn't use the triple triad thread to spam. At the very least, it'd be nice if you didn't do the "????????" thing...

    And also "Talk to me I'm new" isn't exactly what the triad thread is for... I hope you understand where I'm coming from. I don't mean to be mean about this but SINCE you're new it's good for you to understand the rules and whatnot.
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