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  • I got it set down. Aero's gonna be feared by the time I'm done. Right now he just cut a man in half with wind. (he had to focus for a minute or two though). And now he's gonna fight my character Gale on top of a roof. This'll be beast. Also, I really put a lot into that post. But not all, not yet
    Well, I give it a lot still. And I make sure that my post are at least decent. I'm at least putting more then half of my quality into it
    I am a creative writer. I plan to make it my proffesion. But I don't put it all in RP'ing since rp'ing is kind of restrictive to my style
    Okay, perfect. Since Aero is already tracking powerful marked. This should work well. How long do I have until you do it.
    What hasn't happened. Is that when our characters shall meet? But sure, Imma develop my character. Can't just have him burst out randomly
    Anything else you want to contribute to the discussion thread before we kickstart this DS RP?
    don't respond but the teams are formed of necessity.
    Well, I was careful not to say figurehead. Because you said he'd be the leader. So IDK if it'd be okay with you. Is it okay with you? Also, basically I can give him power.

    Basically one of Aero's strongest things is his intellect. He can pretty much play into Jack's mind, he can give him "power". IDK how he'd find Jack though. I guess he'd be able to follow the underworld about recent killings and follow the trail.
    The murders, have you seen my recent temp, Aero. I'd like him to form the Murders with you. Because what I was originally planning was him being second in command and despising you and planning to kill you. However now it'd be more like, Aero wants to start the group. But doesn't want you as an enemy. So he starts the group on his own and then finds Jack and offers him to lead. Then Aero is in 2nd command, but has other plans.

    How does that sound?
    NO! DT wouldn't!

    Anyways, thanks.I just said that there had been some recent killings of humans that were obviously done by marked. So I kinda skimped that part but whatever
    You too man. :D It's pretty fun trying to find a counter-argument for things. Especially when you believe in the cause.

    And it always sucks when you try to agree to disagree with someone, but then they get all mad and attack you.
    *handshakes back* Kind of funny, I was just about to send you a similar message :D. I enjoy debating like that, I'd love to be your friend.
    Yeah, she would, besides I doubt Jack would be able to get near where without her brother being near by.
    Yeah, you wouldn't be doing you're job right if she was relaxed around Jack. It's either that, or there's something wrong with Dawn's head.
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