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  1. Face My Fears

    Spoilers ► MoM Highlights

    Playing as Team Days in every world. Even though we kind of got it in ReMIND, I love that I can fight Xemnas with RAX (which is a dream come true for me). I have trouble remembering/differentiating some of the tracks and titles, so it was an engaging way to remind me of which title is which. I...
  2. Face My Fears

    The Awards Thread

    How do I know if I qualify to win an award? Is there an awards listing?
  3. Face My Fears

    News ► Dengeki KHMOM interview translated, Nomura says he will announce "something good" in 2022

    https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0082-CUSA12031_00-COLLECTION300000 Didn't they do an All-In-One package already? This doesn't have ReMIND. I'm hoping that if they do one for PS5, they call it "Kingdom Hearts: reCOMPLETE" rather than "Kingdom Hearts: reAll In One Package", and also...
  4. Face My Fears

    Who Is The Best Kingdom Hearts Character?

    Now that the Dark Seeker Saga is complete and most characters have had their character arcs completed - I was wondering who do you all think is the best KH character? I'm not talking personal bias or favourites, but which character do you think had the best character journey and development...
  5. Face My Fears

    Boss Battles

    I would have taken Sora, Donald and Goofy standing in the background making sad faces or reaction sounds to Frozen playing out. At least have them in the scene, even if it's shoved way in the back. Arendelle is the only world that has an end of world celebration that feels awkward. Normally the...
  6. Face My Fears

    What do you think are the top 5 Disney worlds in the series and what are the 5 worst ones?

    Best Worlds: Atlantica (KH1): This is a biased pick because I love underwater worlds. Also, I was always just amazed that KH was able to include an entire world that changed the mechanics. The story was interesting too. I know that it's one of the skippable worlds and a lot of people hate it...
  7. Face My Fears

    Boss Battles

    If we can beat down Aqua, Larxene, Xion, Yuffie, and Maleficent (human form) with a keyblade, I don't see a problem with fighting Elsa. I think the depiction of violence should be treated with care in the cutscenes, rather than the actual gameplay. KH's gameplay isn't explicitly violent, and...
  8. Face My Fears

    Boss Battles

    I feel like whatever caused the change in Disney bosses happened after BbS/Days/coded came out. Birth By Sleep seems like it went out of its way to include Disney bosses when a giant Unversed would have sufficed (like the Magic Mirror and Experiment 221). They even did the unthinkable and let...
  9. Face My Fears

    Boss Battles

    I really wish they would go back to 2-stage Disney boss fights IF they're doing one world visit. I loved how KH1 did the boss fights. Each fight was also very inventive and different. What they could have done with Mother Gothel, Emperor Zurg, Hades, Hans, Randall, and Evil Baymax was...
  10. Face My Fears

    Was This Ever Explained?

    I can't remember if Nomura ever actually discussed this or brought it up, but was that giant creature that Terra was standing on that turns to dust ever explained? I know it's not in BbS at all, but I'm wondering if Nomura ever mentioned it or discussed what he had planned to do with it.
  11. Face My Fears

    Could the sea salt trio feasibly take down the organization?

    Um yeah. Roxas and Xion could do it on their own easily without Axel.
  12. Face My Fears

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I mean Sora doesn't look like Yozora and no one in The Caribbean questions Donald/Goofy, so it's really not a stretch to buy that Rex would compare Donald/Goofy to the characters from Verum Rex that they were supposed to be just by the clothes. And I think the names were removed because it's...
  13. Face My Fears

    KH Shower Thoughts

    Didn't they do something kind of like this in Monstro in Chain of Memories? Where you have to beat up the enemies as quickly as possible to increase a meter for Monstro to sneeze you out. Now that you mention a stealth section, I kind of wish this was an included segment in the Randall "fight"...
  14. Face My Fears

    The next game in 2022?

    I think the standard for future side-games should be a "secret episode" included on the disc. Chain of Memories did it right, and that should be what all the side games aspire to. Especially given how many characters we have now, it would make sense to try and cover everyone as much as possible.
  15. Face My Fears


    So I unlock Sanctuary and go to play it and find that IT'S NOT THE FULL SONG. Yet Let It Go is the full song? This has me disgusted. How can they treat their own THEME SONG like decade old roadkill, but Let It Go gets a beautiful HD presentation and the full song?