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  1. Face My Fears

    Party Customization Question

    I can't say for sure, but I believe it is dependent on HP. Emergencies is probably when your health is in a critical state, while as needed is maybe half health?
  2. Face My Fears

    What are YOU most looking forward to in this game?

    I wanted to choose plot and Kairi, but I had to pick one... so The Kairi. I've been dying for a Kairi solo game since they started games with other protagonists. I mean the music is nice and all, but I can just listen to the songs whenever I want in real life and they don't have as much effect...
  3. Face My Fears

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    EXACTLY! Even for a film in 1995, Disney went and did research and consulted Native Americans about the film. They even cast them in roles for the film, when they could have easily just had some white person do the voicework. Clearly Disney's intent was NOT to offend. Which is why I think the...
  4. Face My Fears

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    I completely agree with you. Which is why I don't think it would be an issue using Pocahontas in KH BEFORE the events of the film or even mentioning the film's plot. The tragedy of Pocahontas' life came from the colonists arriving in America, before that she was the daughter of the chief and...
  5. Face My Fears

    Character-switching: how would you make it work?

    I think character switching comes down to difficulty of the worlds and improving/advancing the RPG elements of the game. The fact that Sora is the best at everything will probably kill the idea of character switching. I think that if they adjusted Sora to be an all-rounder (with access to...
  6. Face My Fears

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    This will probably open a can of worms, but I have a question. If there can be so many media portrayals of someone like Hitler in comical roles - intended to make fun of Hitler and present him in a negative light - why can't there be media portrayals of historical figures that suffered tragedy...
  7. Face My Fears

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    I would love an original story for the world WAY BEFORE the events of the film. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, I would use the new "reconstructed worlds" plot elements as the basis for the world. It can be called "The New World" and be a world that Sora visits that was just literally...
  8. Face My Fears

    Is it possible to see 20th Century Fox properties in the future?

    LOL! It can be like Arendelle. Sora gets sucked into a darkness vacuum and has to fight a giant heartless, while we see the events of the film play out (IE Rose letting Jack stay in the water). Before Sora exits the darkness realm where the boss fight takes place, we see that Rose let Jack sink...
  9. Face My Fears

    Semi-new here sharing what KH did for me

    Wow, that was moving. Thank you for sharing. I'm glad that KH was able to help you get through the pain you felt.
  10. Face My Fears

    I need help

    Well sorry to say, but you will probably have to start a new game. At least Land of Dragons is pretty early on, so it shouldn't take more than a few hours to get back there. Maybe going forward you should make two save files, in case one gets corrupted like this?
  11. Face My Fears

    I need help

    Can you try resetting and loading up the save file? I never had any glitch ever happen to me in a KH game.
  12. Face My Fears

    Is it possible to see 20th Century Fox properties in the future?

    I think the only one that really works (like providing a unique world to explore) is Avatar. It also gives you 2 party members.
  13. Face My Fears

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts lines <3

    Just want to add something quickly, even though I have so many: "Looks like my summer vacation is... over." The perfect way for Roxas to acknowledge his imminent "death". So sad especially because I remember playing KH2 and wanting to get straight to Sora, and I'm right in front of Sora, but...
  14. Face My Fears

    Pocahontas In Future KH Games?

    I mean I was thinking the same thing about other films with controversies. Disney has so many films that offended people or created some sort of controversy. Are all those other properties excused because they're fictional, but Pocahontas is essentially inspired by a real person? Not only that...