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  • Yus :p Do you use any messengers, like Yahoo, MSN/WLM, AIM, or Skype? I'm almost always on at least one of 'em x3
    Haha, that'd be awesome. ^^ I'd rather you not though, I can't pay for art just yet. xD; Thanks a bunch though. c:

    My username on there's Lukar82394, if I remember correctly. xD; I checked your profile and left a comment or two, so I should be pretty easy to find, haha.
    we do love sydne. and i'm a big fan of nerds. nerd is a term of endearment to me.
    bah nerdiness................ (lots of dots for limit)
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    i'm okay with just an avi though!
    Rexari says i should have a sig to match.
    yes please make me an avi!!!!!!!!
    Haha, yay! x3 Thanks :p

    I'll take a look around sometime. :3 I've been meaning to check my dA account for awhile now anyway, so... xP
    Haha, you're probably better than I am at drawing, I'm only good with stick people! xD I have to get other people to draw my characters for me, lol.

    Hey, the way I see it, someone's a furry as long as they at least like anthro art. :p
    you are mai fwand too <3<3<3<3
    Ahh, I see. xD It looks cool! :3

    xP Ehh, can't really blame him... When I occasionally try to show some of my school friends a few drawings regarding the furry fandom, they're like, "Wuzzat?" Then, I have to explain it over and over, because they never remember. x3' I get several comments on Facebook asking me why I have drawings of "animal people," haha.
    Oh! This might be random-ish (Might be, might not be xP), but would you happen to be a furry? Your avatar leads me to believe so, haha. :p
    I have trouble with quality control on my scanner. It messes up the way I draw my lines sometimes and can even make my best artwork look bland. It's the main reason that I haven't uploaded anything to deviantart.

    I like to use pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, oil pastel and digital art mainly, I've never really gotten along with paint.
    I usually just lurk, reading topics in the KH-related sections. I don't post often 'cause it's sometimes hard for me to take what I'm thinking and put it into words. x3;
    x3 Haha, I don't get on the forums enough to have friends is all. ^^; Trying to get on more often, but eh. :p Thank you fer befriending me!
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