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  • Oh, awesome! I'll check it out, if I'm up to par. XD But I've been joining so many rps, I've been so bored since I finished college last year. :/ I'm waiting for university to start in a few weeks. :3
    XD I've been good! I've been here, mainly rping most of the time. It's nice to see you back! How have you been? :3
    Haha I know right!

    Well actually the only posse people who are here consistently are me and nay. DJ came back for a little but then left. Kriz and MoO too. Everyone else just like disappeared. I know I was gone for like a year too until I remember this place xD
    I've been great. Just working and rping like usual. I missed being your little brother in your rps....or big brother like in that star wars rp. I can remember all the fun we used to have.
    No wonder I couldn't find you :c

    Oh yeah next position I'm going for is admin ;p

    Yeah I don't think I go to any other forum. I've tried several (was a mod on two!) but I just can't seem to leave this place >.>
    Haha yup it's me ;D I see you changed to, AoD. All these name changes >.<

    I've been on staff for maybe almost a year now, it's been so long I can hardly remember xD

    We do have to catch up though!
    Well, I don't know haha, I left for some time and came back recently too! X) I don't think anything's changed that much though.
    Oh you're back!! XD We Rped together for your FFX roleplay remember? With ansemjafar and scribbles and all... It's great to see you back!!!
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