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  • Yep, some scenes of Cloud and Zack are also in Final Fantasy VII itself, yet in Crisis Core they obviously look levels better graphic wise.
    Crisis Core, as well as KH: BBS and Dissidia, is an PSP-exclusive game and in my point of view it is a decent game, yet those nostalgia-biased people who also have something in general against the entire compilation are still dissing it, lol.
    Zack is a real lovable protagonist with a refreshing different personality compared to Cloud or Squall from FF VIII.
    The graphic engine is actually the very same KH: BBS uses (and Command Melding in BBS is actually based off the Materia Fusion first seen in Crisis Core).
    Crisis Core actually depicts an extended version of the Nibelheim-incident and shows Sephiroth's descent into madness in more detail.
    Yet one also gets to see the good Sephiroth before he turned insane, sometimes even working together with Zack and the game introduces Sephiroth's two best friends he had.
    So if one likes FF VII, Crisis Core could be a worthy addition to the game collection. ;)
    Thanks(I guess) lol. So where are you at on GS? Have you beat it yet? I'm currently not playing anything since i beat GS dark dawn like 4 days ago. Any suggestions?
    Thank u. Some guy called me an ass on a thread, so i'm toying around a little bit with the idea on my signature.
    U r welcome and btw, I beat golden sun dark dawn and it was good. Not as good as i expected, but the puzzles were challenging.
    Using summons or not depends on one's playstyle though, as their long casting animations can sometimes really get on one's nerves and there are much good magic materia and Enemy skills as well as 4x Cut which lets you deal more damage in a shorter time.
    Some of the summons look really epic however (for that time period at least) and Phoenix and Hades are quite useful...
    FF VII is supposed to be confusing, lol, one needs to pay close attention to what's said.
    And unlike Kingdom Hearts, you have no Ansem Reports helping you out...*ggg*
    I hope you didn't forget the summon materia (I think it was Ifrit) on the cargo ship...so by now you should have three summons.
    Ooops, then I didn't copy the whole thing.
    But you got her after all.

    Did it work with Fort Condor now when you have at least 4000 Gil in stock?
    Yup, it's that big snake in the swamp, if you can't beat it now you can also come back later.
    Also, taking on this guy under Level 16 or more is practically suicide.

    As I said, Fort Condor is mostly optional except the last battle there, and the phoenix-materia is really worth it.
    Enemy Skill can become quite useful once you have the manipulate materia to literally "farm" for good techniques. However, one attack you can get right now is Flamethrower, a mediocre fire-attack used by the small dragons in the mythril mine.
    If you feel strong enough you can also try and take on the Midgar Zolom...this beast is the only enemy in the game where you can learn the Enemy skill "Beta", a very powerful fire-based attack which costs only 24 MP.
    Even if you don't bother with Red, strip him of his materia, he also should have a poison materia.
    Depends if you have interest in some accessoires and a additional weapon for Yuffie. Only the last battle in Fort Condor (on Disc 2) is mandatory and will yield you the Phoenix-Summon Materia as prize.
    Uh yeah, I forgot you're still pretty much early in the game. The enemies at first doesn't give much AP, that's the reason. To level up Materia you have to fight random battles constantly. It will become easier once you acquire weapons with double AP and get to other areas of the world.
    However, I hope you already have the "Enemy skill"-materia and "Steal"-materia from your time in Midgar, as they are very handy tools.
    If you find a purple bird called Formula try to steal from it, it carries a neat weapon for Yuffie that's quite strong for this time in the game.
    You should have three "All"-materias by now, one from the Sector 7-slums, one from the Shinra-Building and one from Red XIII.
    ........................................... -.- That might work....as for the 'all' I have two. One for Tifa and one for Aeris/Aerith. But only one of them is level two. Why is it so hard to level materia up?!
    Shouldn't you have more than one "All" by now? lol

    But well, I have another idea why they won't let you fight.
    This sentence may a mistranslation, as in the german version the guy says that you need at least to have 4000 Gil in stock or you won't be able to purchase enough soldiers.

    Ergo, you can't do the battle yourself if you have not at least 4000 Gil in the pocket of your party.
    And what happens after he whines about being short on money? As far as I remember you need to confirm two times in conversation so that you'll be sent to the unit-shop to buy your soldiers.
    If money becomes a problem, there's a trick for money in FF VII, as a mastered All-Materia can be sold for 1.400.000 Gil.

    Until you recruit her Yuffie randomly appears again in the forests around Junon or in some other forests if you're already past Junon.
    Ah yes, I think I know in which part of the game you are, right after you met the Turks in the Mythril mine.
    Then you should be able to take one battle for yourself. Which options do they give you?

    As for Yuffie, when you beat her and are on that grass field you can attempt to recruit her, yet you can't use the menu or the save point, as this will result in Yuffie running away. When speaking with her you need to follow the right sequence of answers to get her into the party.

    In the english version the conversation to get Yuffie should go as follows:

    Yuffie: You spiky-headed jerk! One more time, let's go one more time.
    Cloud: Not Interested.
    Yuffie: You're pretty scared of me, huh?
    Cloud: Petrified.
    Yuffie will act like she's leaving now but fear not!
    Yuffie: I'm really going to leave!
    Cloud: Wait a second!
    Yuffie: You want me to join you?
    Cloud: That's right
    Yuffie: All right, I'll go with you.
    Cloud: Let's hurry.
    Would you have specific examples? I go about different sections with slightly different demeanors.

    If I reply in a harsh or derogatory way, it's usually to discourage that poster from continuing such behaviour or discussion.
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