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  • Also -
    In response to your post in the CC.

    You're forgetting that club originally started as a Hate Club and only later became a CC (in name at least). Though fun, we're not all mindless followers in the FC :p We just declare our final point of view in the matter of it - we still love Xion.
    And going by most debates there I still don't see the point of them calling themselves a CC...
    They make Days and Xion not seem so bad, don't they? XD and RAX. Oh, RAX <3 you gem.

    I think you'll LOVE Re:Coded.
    I replied to a couple of your entries so LJ should be wiser than me about which.
    I really enjoy the debates going on ;w; so much better than my Days journal where in the midst of a heated debate, goldpanner spoiled me about what happened in the Xion boss fight and I had to block her >.>

    I'm sig-quoting this, thank you.

    I know. Kind? Caring? Compassionate?
    Selphie: I'm lonely ;-;
    Kairi: let's talk about my imaginative friend! 8D
    Yeah, I know, circumstances. Screw that, I've KH1 backing me up she doesn't give a damn about anything beyond her Sora obsession. And once I stop treating scenes as stand-alones, suddenly ALL of the comments she had about Riku, the negative comments, don't sound as harmless anymore. And Riku's concern about her as only the girl who Namine messed up Sora's Memories with becomes even more disturbing in light of him dissing Kairi twice in KH1. Excuse me if I don't think he was concerned if they didn't bother with their friendship AT ALL, not just in KH1.

    I'm writing basically as many Kairi articles as I can for site stuff and yeah, she's not useless. But she is completely passive. Hugging Sora? Bring whichever other PoH out there, we'll see if it'll end differently. Being kidnapped? Woopey, I want you to look me in the eye and tell me Sora wouldn't have raged properly over anyone else being kidnapped that he was friends with.
    Selphie much for instance and all that.
    You owe me LJ replies, lol.

    I really understand a lot of what they're saying there, but I have the same problem with this as I do with a lot of Kairi-supporting character analysis.
    I don't see any of it in-game and I see a lot to contradict it :\ And in a game that shoves one thing down your throat, implications aren't enough for the other side to hold water.
    I must say - and I do so knowing you will not be able to reply to this via VM - I am enjoying our debates on lj tremendously.
    Hey, how's it going.

    yeah, i hate those minimum characters. What's the point if you have to wait 30 seconds between posts anyway?
    Oh snaps, I forgot about that guy. D: Oh well~. What if you made the picture for Lightning's picture smaller?
    You should put commas inbetween the fanclub links you have in your sig. I think it'd look nicer. c:

    Maybe | instead? I dunno. Up to you.
    we're gonna miss you too! we'll hate 2 times as much to make up for you not being there. as long as days is still in existance, we'll never stop the xion hate!! if you convert....we'll all be very sad, lol *cowers from evil laugh*
    no! i didn't mean that! i just read your post and i realized that there were already a few pages after it and i didn't want to interrupt any conversations they were having. the club was the best place for you to post that. I was talking about my post, not yours! lol. and where i am, it's already 10 and i'm not sure how long i'll be on the site tonight, so i didn't want to miss saying bye.
    well, since you're leaving, i just wanted to say bye! i just didn't think the club was a good place to do it, lol. i'll see you when you get back!
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