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  • It was pretty much all of it, actually?

    So, did I read incorrectly, or are you not a namine fan?

    I made her hateclub... which is pathetic and crappy, but...
    i'll make sure she doesn't, hahah. whit is so hard to wash off! nope, haven't spoiled myself yet, though i've accidently caught a few glimpses of info and pics that i shouldn't. and no, i haven't heard the news of that stupid creep! but don't tell me!
    hahahaha i'm so sorry this is late, i took a break from the forums! but thanks! and happy valentines day too!! are the chocolates so that i can bite her ugly head off and share them with namine? lol
    Because if Larxene did that to Namine, imagine what she'd do to Xion.

    Disney fantasy08, lets not forget, Disney. Lulz
    Lol, in your sig, larxene's lip-talk actually looks like she's saying "mary sue".
    you know, I couldnt agree more. Sephiroth is one of those really interesting and tragic "fallen angel" characters. Its actually more of a sad struggle between him and his goals. He doesnt really want to do them, but he lost his mind because of his discovery that he wasnt even a true human. I havent even finished FFVII or CC but Im almost done with CC and havent even got half way through VII haha.
    A tiny tip would be to use tinyurl.com to put links to the clubs in your sig.
    And yey at the Kairi HC being there :36:
    you know, I just might do that! I'll talk to you tomorrow, i have school and for the past few days i've hardly had any sleep. good night!
    sorry this is late! school's annoying. So you do all around newspaper work? thats pretty cool. I'd like to post back in the club, but it always seems like they're in a conversation and it would feel weird to break it up. would that be weird?
    Thanks :) oh really? then your sister is older than me, darn. same here with the creativeness, if you cant put your opinion in, things usually don't seem as fun. Totally agree though. Lol i doubt I could be a journalist; i could never keep up with deadlines, i procrastinate too much. I find it exciting that i'm actually talking to a journalist, though! Yes! I stll hate xion soo much. I just dont post there any more...
    hahaha actually, its march 8th. I totally messed up when I was setting up my birthday because i wasn't paying attention, i;m actually only turning 15! it would be too embarrassing to ask the mods to let me fix it, so I just left it.

    That's pretty cool, working at a newspaper. I love writing too, it's just alot of fun. what do you usually write the articles on?
    really? that's pretty cool. Right now, as a freshman, i'm taking a class like that where we study print, broadcast, radio, tv, movies, and the internet. do you work in anything journalism related right now?
    1. I was on an impromptu roadtrip, not at college yet~ but thank you!!
    I am back now >:3 and HELLS YEAH WE ROCKKK
    that always confused me: what is graduates school? wow, because of one test? that sucks. nah, i dont really have that problem, but i agree with hating standardized tests, there's no point to them. i see your birthday passed...an exact month ago, so happy late birthday! also, sorry this was late.
    the internet is so annoying sometimes :( so you're out of college now? thats cool. you're not disrupting any studying right now; i don't study at all. but i get good grades...its weird.
    You know, mine has been doing that too. This site is going really slow for some reason. And dont worry, youll get 1000 soon.
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