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    Thanks, I think I'll send Silh a PM about it now. :cool:
    I have been wanting a name change for awhile now. I was thinking of Kegluneq, I don't think anybody can make fun of that.
    I made this Motivational / Demotivational pictures thread. I said to post them there but everybody failed to and instead of actually posting them they mainly insulted me first. When I posted Demotivationals that said STFU & GTFO with Star Trek characters and stuff. I think I owned some people in it. Then somebody came in and made one of the actual thread saying somehting like Shit, you don't understand how much this thread sucks. I made one of him, and another girl fired back, I fired back at her and when I woke up the next morning 2 more people where there making pictures and fun of me, one person made a picture of my username being changed to Lord Shit. I decided to close it and forget about it and now I guess it's been deleted.
    I would have been OK with their insults if they had managed to atleast post Demotivationals or something.
    Geez. That sucks. I got assaulted in FI in my own thread. I guess I deserve it though.
    Computers are not a challange. I've fought 3 9s before, they were on teams against me. I still won. I really don't consider them a challange anymore :/
    I dont fight people who use Ike. He's too cheap.

    It's not a good balance to have a balanced character fighting a powerhouse like ike :/
    Fav character = Marth
    Character(s) I'm best with = Ness & Sonic
    Character(s) I'm likely to kick ass with = Link, Fox, Gannondorf & Luigi
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