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    Video Game Deals

    The old stomping grounds. It has been a while. Kinda sad nobody is keeping up with the deals here.
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    Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

    Every religion and the denominations therein have different answers for this seemingly simple question: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? For Example: Some religions teach that it's because of something that was done in a past life. Others teach that it is God punishing you for...
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    The Memorial of Jesus' Death, Passover, Communion/Eucharist, Mass, etc. What Do You Observe?

    In April, I'm going to an annual event known as The Memorial of Jesus' Death. This just made me a little curious and so I decided to create this topic. From the end of March going through April, various religions from the Abrahamic faiths will be celebrating or observing different events that...
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    Help/Support ► I think something might be wrong with me...

    As someone stated, a number of factors could contribute to your feelings; But without professional analysis and diagnosis, it's hard to say exactly what to do. I know you said you were doing better for a moment, but In case you start feeling like you were prior, along with some of the other...
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    Help/Support ► Want tech help? Here's some information to provide us, so we don't have to ask.

    What kind of computer are you using? Does it have a separate monitor? If so, what kind? As Victor pointed out, you might be able to just hook up your system directly.
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    Cartoon/TV ► Avengers Assemble

    Not to be confused with the awesomeness that was Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: http://forums.khinsider.com/media-discussion/152757-avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes.html This is the new show that will be replacing EMH next year.
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    Film ► Cloud Atlas

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWnAqFyaQ5s Based on the critically acclaimed novel, Cloud Atlas will be hitting theaters October 26, 2012. CLOUD ATLAS ? Movie, Trailer, Photos, Synopsis
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    Help/Support ► Writing Trouble

    One thing that I always used to do when writing was make sure I already knew the ending before I started. It's a goal to meet. Of course this could always change and evolve as you write your stories but always have a point to meet. At the same time, it's alright if you don't finish stories, I...
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    Sony Buys Gaikai - Cloud Gaming Coming To PlayStation

    So, the initial rumors proved to be true. This could change a lot. Sony Computer Entertainment to Acquire Gaikai Inc., a Leading Interactive Cloud Gaming Company -- TOKYO, July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --
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    So, doomsday. The end of life as we know it. We all know that there have been countless doomsday scenarios, theories, fears, and predictions. In fact, many still believe that there will be a doomsday this year in December. This topic itself isn't necessarily religious in nature, however, the...
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    DC Universe's Injustice: Gods Among Us

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBoG45BkeBc Calling Mr. Stooge!
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    The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun: "Naked man killed by Police ... was ‘eating’ face off victim"

    The Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun: "Naked man killed by Police ... was ‘eating’ face off victim" Read more here: Naked man killed by Police near MacArthur Causeway was ‘eating’ face off victim - Miami-Dade - MiamiHerald.com Time to get the kupo! out of here.
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    God's Purpose For The Earth: What Do You Think It Is?

    Once again, doing some reading (What Is God's Purpose For The Earth?), another topic for discussion popped up in my mind. Many people who believe in God or gods believe that the Earth is here for a reason. However, the views vary from religions and denominations. So for those of you who...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    First KH collector's edition to come to North America. The Mark of Mastery Edition ($54.99) Kingdom Hearts 3D Mark of Mastery Collector’s Edition Revealed
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    Eight Part Series on Bible Prophecy

    Especially for those who believe in the Bible: I know not too many people believe in the Bible on these forums, but for those who do I thought this would be a nice thing to consider. There is an eight part mini-series of Bible-based articles that will start to be published in print beginning...