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  • =3

    Yeah I have noticed that as well, funny really.
    But I'm not surprised you recognized me, otherwise a lot of people around here are a a mystery. Even being active with all the name changes it's hard to keep track of everyone.
    Alright I'll see that nothing breaks the rules.
    And this is highly amusing, especially Prolines most recent post xD
    It's in my sig!
    BTW if the thread starts getting out of hand I could either close it or start deleting posts...
    Just thought I'd bring that up, still I find it quite funny.
    I guess you could say that lol, then again I always wanted to be a moderator here; one of my dreams that I finally achieved. But in such a short time I never would have guessed xDDDD
    Oh I see, well at least you're still around..somewhat XD

    Yeah that's what everyone's been saying, and actually I've gotten a lot of nominations for best new member in the Annual KH Awards (if you don't know it's in FI). It was so unexpected, and I was having a shitty day before hand so that perked me right up ^-^
    Nice! ^_^ I have another that is animated; has a perfect loop <3~

    Glad to see you're still around, it's been a while since I seen you here (either that or I have to get out of the KH sections more often then not). Oh and thanks! It was a big surprise when I was upgraded, but from what I saw the staff can put up with me. I'm surprised they can XD
    Wow you thought of me? <333
    But yes I have heard how great it is, a lot of well used symbolism.
    And I saw positive reviews of the compilation movie; I'll sure as hell make time to watch it.

    Next to that the only other anime anything to make me emotional was...I think one of the Miyuzaki films.
    Spirited Away? Or was it Princess Mononoke? But be sure to check out the movie Grave of the Fire Flies.
    Heard it was excellent, I need to watch that one as well.

    Thanks for informing me, Gabo =3
    yeah, and did you know that the guy they got to do vexen's voice for the american re:COM did a lot of voices for Digimon?
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