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  • The goggles are pure win >:3

    Yup, still obsessed as you can see XD but it's just a fad, for now at least.
    Still I got a couple of manga volumes and am planning on getting the disk sets...lol devotion.
    But eventually, like you said, you find something better which I am currently trying to do.
    Yeah, I'm a moody fella >;D

    Mhm, with the lack of airtime I am surprised he's got some fanboys though.
    Lol, still the concept of him is amazing, wish he had more of a backstory.

    I pretty much Deathnotefied my computer XD
    Thanks, honestly I needed an avatar change; amongst other things.
    It mostly exemplifies my mood, been a bit angsty.

    Eh I deal with it though hehe.
    And yes, I am sad they threw him in last minute.
    There could have been so much more to him XD
    To be honest it's the best I felt in days, a giant weights been lifted off of my shoulders.
    It feels good.

    Thanks for the concern btw =)
    No problem, I can actually be an irritate to many indirectly; Ningacom had the same issue with me the other day.
    It's ok though, I didn't take it negatively :3

    And yes for the most part things have cleared up, for now at least.
    Thanks for asking ^_^
    It's sad that I am in such a short time frame isn't it?

    Unless there's another reason.
    not in the given association. Though you're right. I'll go and rectify it right now, seeing how RokuKai is something I actually support
    Well, I wanna see that one movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. "Body of Lies" I think is what it's called; it looks badass. Religulous looks good, might as well sneak into that one after Body of Lies. lol

    Yeah, if I wasn't so lazy, I'd probably go today.

    Oh, and no prob. =P
    Thanks. ^_^

    As for me, same... same, I'm just as bored as you are. Might go see a movie later or tomorrow, but that's about it. Bah.

    Spiffy profile, btw.
    HAHAHAHA...! I shall send you a PM or something shouldn't I? Okay I will, just need to get those pics, since they're up now anyways! :D

    LOL what? XD
    I don't even know how to design mine. I looked at all of those things and I was like ,'huh?' :huh:
    Fine, then I'll comment on yours. Your page is special. I love Gabomon too but this page...
    It's just not working for me. :p
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