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  1. Gabo

    What are some good places to visit in the UK?

    Or Europe in general. I'm going there for school for six months starting this Friday, but I've got no real tourist destinations in mind as of yet.
  2. Gabo

    Is anyone else's weather beyond screwed right now?

    I'm in RI and it's yet to snow. We're not expected to have snow until February supposedly. Is anywhere else having as ridiculous of weather?
  3. Gabo

    Is anyone still on from when I was active?

    God knows everyone changed their name and icons so often it'd be impossible for me to guess who's who now. Anyone still out there?
  4. Gabo

    Lit ► The Pact

    Okay, so I went out on a limb and decided to read this novel my friend recommended to me, called the Pact. Surprisingly I liked it a lot. Anyone else out there read it?
  5. Gabo

    358/2 Days Demo for DS from Wii?

    Oh. I don't like scamming people. That is clever though.
  6. Gabo

    358/2 Days Demo for DS from Wii?

    ^ What do you mean, get a new packaged one?
  7. Gabo

    358/2 Days Demo for DS from Wii?

    Eh. There are a handful of games I wish I had played a demo of before buying, just because of how much I ended up hating the controls. Since I don't have a wii though, it doesn't matter to me whether or not a demo comes out for it though.
  8. Gabo

    If you could..

    Take back one decision you've made in your life, what would it be? Discuss. And please no 'I wouldn't take anything back' or 'I have no regrets!'. Just don't post if that's the case.
  9. Gabo

    "XION" and Ze"XION"

    Not important. Whatsoever.
  10. Gabo

    358/2 Days Meaning

    Cept he was in virtual twilight town for a week.
  11. Gabo

    Have you ever gotten in a fight?

    Have you ever gotten in a fight? Or gotten close to one? Discuss.
  12. Gabo

    Xigbar? ANOYING!!!!

    I would. If he hasn't beaten a boss in 3 months, then he's just sad. Especially if he got that far in the game.
  13. Gabo

    Xigbar? ANOYING!!!!

    .. Way to bring back a three month old thread. And if he hasn't beaten Xigbar after three months,he's just pathetic
  14. Gabo

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Darkside

    There's no theory there.... You don't post fanfic ideas here. I don't like the idea though anyways. =\
  15. Gabo

    First Xehanort Theory ~_~

    I don't recall seeing MX floating towards KH. There's not much evidence to back any of this up either. ~shrugs~