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  • Your sorely missed Geo <3

    I'm sure you can tell by the Avatar, this is indeed iProd. Just wanna say, how've you been man?
    Evening, Geo. I was just wondering if you saw my request in Spiral Dreams; it was at the end of a page, and posted right before a whole bunch of other people decided to post, so it could have easily been overlooked.
    your now drafted to read La Compilation and post a review as part of my Force Noobs to Read It By Bribing rep
    Thanks a million Geo, but however every time I try uploading the avy it says: "Upload failed due to failure writing temporary file."

    EDIT: Never mind. I got it to work.
    Hello,i am a novice gimper, i am improving so i am just stopping by to say that your tags are awesome.
    Hey, you know these brushes? How do you get that black background out of it? I can`t seem to figure it out.
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