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  • You make a lot of noise just by being~

    I think the same thing. Rion in particular is my cup of tea. I think it's because of the age difference. Or more the height difference. Whichever it is, I think Xion sees Roxas more as a dear BFF than a romantic interest. Roxas might be interested, but Xion less so.
    Regardless, she's a dear good friend and some fans of other pairings trolled her a bit, so it's to cheer her up. It's at least a BFF relationship I like for the most part so writing it comes easily.
    The thing I like about the game is that they put non-nintendo characters like Snake. Makes me wonder what character they'll put in the next one.
    Oooh, I do love the hats those have.

    Same. Working on a fanfic for a friend. It's RokuShi day, and she's quite the fan.
    I think it's because I didn't have online then. If that was the case now, I would've returned Mario Kart Wii a while ago.

    But the Stage Builder was fun.
    No, it's for the 3DS

    I like SSB, but I found SSBB to be a bit boring, which is why I gave it back. I think it's the first game I returned actually.
    As of right now, that's the legit only game I'm excited for.

    But the other titles like Star Fox, Paper Mario , Luigi's Mansion 2, MGS, and resident evil has caught my attention.
    I don't have a job yet so I can't pay, but I want to get one soon. My parents don't always buy the stuff that I want, like the 3DS for example.
    I like Dish Network (even though their HD sucks). And besides my parents don't want to change the service anyway because its cheap (and they're cheap >:I)

    When I move I might get Verizon Fios if I have a job that pays a lot.
    It's because I don't have all the good channels like HBO and AMC. I want to get AMC because of The Walking Dead but I don't have that channel.
    It's just all the good shows ended last year.

    The only shows I watch right now on live TV are Fringe, South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama, and Family Guy.
    But there's hopes for the 2011 season though because a lot of interesting shows are airing like Alcatraz and Terra Nova.
    Like I do lol

    My mom's been paying it since we got it a year ago. I do plan to continue paying when I move out because there's nothing good on TV right now.
    Netflix is great because you can watch your favorite shows and new shows that you haven't watched before.

    I've watched 24, Lost, Avatar: The Last Airbender(the only good show for post 2005 nick) and right now I'm watching the X-files. Awesome shows right there.
    I think I could remember all the old spongebob's (about season 1-3). The show's quality just dropped after 2005 or so.

    And I recently watched the first season of hey arnold because of netflix. Major nostalgia.
    The show? I liked the show when I was a kid. Not much now though.

    Pretty proves that we find things sucky as we grow older.
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