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  • It depends on the context. It means "peace", "hello" if used in greeting, or "goodbye" when used as a parting. It can also be used as a guy's name, albeit an old-fashioned name.

    ...there was a Star Wars Holiday Special? Egads.

    I agree completely. Roxas IS a terrible friend. Though I thought the same thing in KHII. What we were shown was basically that Axel was a Nobody chasing his Heart replacement, but aforementioned Heart-replacement ditched him for Sora and declared no one'd miss him, showing he didn't really give a damn about Axel. It's not until Days came along that they half forced him to care, but it can be just more that being with Axel and Xion was all he ever knew so asking only for Xion back was kind of icky xD;;; I'm not too impressed with how they built his character though, especially seeing how if they had more to do with him, Xion might not have been needed.
    Shalom xD;;;

    I'm not familiar with enough of Lucas's works xD;;; but I did come to the conclusion that Nomura's games come out better if the following conditions are met:
    1) More character-orientation than plot. Cases in point: (Re)CoM, and Re:coded which I really enjoyed.
    2) No scenes that were set in stone beforehand. See: Roxas being a prick prior to leaving the Organization so they had to kill his friendship with Axel in Days, see TAV going to hell and thus BBS received a certain direction that could've been better.
    Hebrew. 'm from Israel.

    Not from anything of mine, but like - BBS. RG to Terra and Aqua's DI scenes. To properly bridge the plot events and character developments to make the transition from one to the other logical and fluid (which Nomura didn't quite manage >.> )
    I'm still not sure about my grammar xD;;; damn you, English being a second language! *shakes fist angrily*

    I can come up with points along the way but the connections are what I'm lacking at xD;
    They -were- bad xD;;; gods, one of my biggest earlier works was an OC/main chara "plot" fic. EW EW EW XDDD;;;
    But I grew out of it :3 wish I could properly thank the person who helped me get a grip, but I deleted his review because it was so bad, I couldn't see it as anything but a flame xD;;;

    I'm aware of my limitations. My forte's one-shots and very few and rare multi-chapters that mostly include expanding on existing characters and relationships. Not quite the skills needed to start my own work, unless I go into shoujo which I don't really wanna xD;
    I've been writing for a decade and I do feel a difference when I read my earlier works compared to my current ones. I'm well aware I've got some skill.
    I'm just bad at hearing about it from other people xD;
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