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  • The heck? xD

    That's pretty much the only good thing I see from Nomura pulling a DBZ and bringing everyone back.

    I just watched Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It really was better than the first! Also it feels strange to see an ape commit a coup. xD
    Hello, I'm back after like a month. I've finished my exams now so I'm free until September, although I'll also have a job but I won't have to study in my free time :D

    (is that your blog?)
    An evil looking heart moon would be so funny. I'm trying to get into art right now so I might have a go at drawing something

    PS. Sorry for late reply, too much studying atm, ugh
    That honestly isn't a bad idea. I'm not sure how the moon works exactly in KH though. You have the normal moon seen but then you have the KH-heart moon and apparently every world shares the same sky but different time zones.....ugh.....
    Yeah that is pretty much it. I just like the thought of Sora or Roxas having to save TT from the moon because I get odd crossover element ideas a lot.
    Do you think Clock Town in Majora's Mask is really similar to Twilight Town with the towers etc? I've wanted to draw pictures of the moon hovering above the TT clock tower but I cannot draw whatsoever.
    Reasons why the adventure aspect of pokemon is the best one.
    I learned you can still kill Sakon in the 3DS version of Majoras Mask. xD
    "My shiny Arceus is totally legit it was from some super secret event that only I went to."

    You on Tumblr?
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