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  • Cool thanks. I'll pm you the template for Kage......and you could do that too if you like. He said he would do it in like December so I figure if he isnt done now then he wont.
    I need Kazekage (Sand) and Hokage (Leaf). Nigga Sauce was suppose to do the Hokage but he hasnt so far.
    I'm writing a Naruto fanfic and I asked help for some ppl to create characters that they would like to see in it and I was wondering if you would mind creating 1 of the Kage's I need.
    Heyyy have the fayth say something, I'm too anxious to find out the answerrrr.

    And sorry for the short-esque posts, they seem longer in my head...
    I've been here, there and everywhere! Nah, I got really busy in real life and became a mod for FFF on the side. But I got the RP kick again and decided to come back. It's nice to be missed! =D
    Posted in the final fantasy X rp are you going to post because I have an idea for a fiend to have gotten in the temple while we were waiting and then we kill it in the trials place good idea huh tell me what you think of it
    You could've called foul play. Blood is only marginally ferromagnetic because iron-- Never mind, I won't bore you with the science of it. Just know if that was possible, every time people use an MRI their heads would explode. But then again this is the physics of fiction, and if telekinesis exists, why not (lol) magnetic blood?
    Most deff. I remember that was the first battle I ever won XD. Perhaps in the tourny, we might have a chance ^^
    I've got it. WE didn't rp together in a regular rp, but we did have a battle back in my first year here xD.
    hey umm my character in the RP is at the docks alone fightning and probbly after the fight he is going to board the ship want to come fight with him
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