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  • yeah most of the moogle army pretty much left. i've been chuman for so long man. i was chuman before i was chuman, so that's who i'll always be.

    ethnic woman is master spockanort

    thats literally it. everyong left or kept their name the same.
    pretty swell. since the moogle army died out, i got a new club going. its pretty cool.
    Get a can of air duster or whatever it's called. That's how I fixed a family members Xbox 360.

    Not only am I'm too poor, but I'm hesitant to jump over to a ps4 because it's not backwards compatible which is bullcrap.
    I think if I had the money I would buy a WiiU.

    Congratulations on the new job, good luck.
    Proud mode is too much for me. I remember playing through kh1 on proud mode a few times no problem, but proud mode on final mix? I had my brother beat the guard armor for me. 50+ attempts. Currently stuck on the wonderland boss.

    Whenever you start playing again. Good luck. I rather play bbsfm because Aqua<3 lol
    I'm also looking for work at the moment. I was thinking of Pre-ordering 2.5 while I still have the money..but the game DOES come out a week before my birthday so I might just wait. I just bought 1.5 Tuesday so I've been playing that.


    Had a job, quit. Looking for a new one. That's about it.
    Oh wow, thats a trip man, haha didn't even notice that. Year went by fast.

    Yeah? good for you man, what kind of job?

    Same here, it's 4:30am here in Arizona, was out at the bar with a friend and drinking wine at the park, time just flew.
    Haha, Seta will be glad! xD

    Hope you finish soon so you can play the game!
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