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  • Your favorite KH game?

    Okay, thanks!

    Ikr! They're awesome. I just beat it a second time, a great game! I would definitely watch an anime of it! Well, after all the animes I need to watch.
    TRAVERSE TOWN!!!!!!!!!! Sorry... I just LOVE KH1's soundtrack. DDD has a great soundtrack as well ;-;

    Oh, Star Wars! I heard those games were good. I watched the films not too long ago and I'm getting into the franchise. I tried the MMO, too, but the combat was sort of repetitive, but I could get used to it. Is Knights of the Old Republic related to the MMO?

    Hmm, well I downloaded a custom race (the Ronso from FFX, if you're curious) BUUUUT I have taken a liking to Redguards. Nords, too!
    Same. Makes me wanna play for the first time!
    I love background music, too! It's my favorite kind of music genre, actually. Music and video game soundtracks are the bomb.

    I definitely don't mind! I loved FF7, I can love Morrowind and Oblivion. I added them both to my wishlist yesterday.

    Yep, I'm planning to make another saved game to join the Imperials. It might be opposed to my current character who has heavy armor, wields two-handed weapons, and joined the Stormcloaks. This new one could be light armored, probably specialize in magic or sword & shield, and join the Imperials!
    Don't worry! Nearly everybody I know made that mistake once or twice :p I made it several times.

    I wanted to try Oblivion. From what I've heard, it's soundtrack is quite impressive. And I, too, have heard Morrowind's story is impressive, too! Should I try Morrowind or Oblivion? I heard a large group of Oblivion fans prefer it to Skyrim.

    Elder Scrolls Online? Never tried that.
    Hmmm, well, I didn't join either yet. I guess I'll pick Stormcloaks since I joined one early in the game. You?
    Oh, did you post that on your profile?

    OMG I LOVE SYRIM. I forgot it was an RPG, actually. I have yet to play Oblivion and Morrowind!

    RPG maker? I saw those.

    Yep, the animation looked nice.
    I've played with the first Wild Arms game and it was absolutely fantastic. Never played with the later games though. Beyond that if we count the Elder Scroll series then I've played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim (Morrowind is still my favorite) and Fable 1 and 3 (2 was box exlclusive and I'm a sony nerd). Also I'm into wow but since that's an mmo I'm not sure if it counts.

    Oh and if "rpg maker 2000" says anything to you, I've played quite a few indie games created by that program. :D

    I too want to give the Tales series a chance. I just saw an anime based on a newer title and it looked quite nice. Might give it a chance one day. :D
    Alright, thanks! I'll consider getting it sometime if it releases for PS4.

    Weeeell, I've been wanting to get into Persona, Fire Emblem, Tales series, and Mana series. I've played some others JRPGs such as The Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Trigger. You?
    Indeed. I want a PlayStation Vita, and Crisis Core unfortunately isn't on the PSN store (of course, I would get a PSP, but I only want it for Crisis Core and emulation to be fairly honest).

    I heard of Dirge of Cerberus and I only heard that it's "fine" but it's good if you're a diehard Vincent Valentine fan. Yeah, I heard the FF7 series messed up FF7, with the exception of Crisis Core. Of course, I prefer to be my own judge of that lol.

    Wow. The only emulator that was successful for me was this PS1 emulator for FF7.
    Wow, you played more than me o_o I actually did emulate 1 and 2 on a PS1 emulator, actually. But it worked terribly.

    7 is a great one! I still have yet to play Crisis Core.
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