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  • I'm planning to do a cover version of Ventus Theme. Ive written lyrics and so far only have a sample of BBS score for reference. I'm working on the art right now, I'm planning to add in motion and VFX to make it pop a little more later in After Effects. I still am trying to get done with the art in Photoshop.

    That's awesome!
    We should surely collar on something in the future.
    I hope I can get stared soon with a project that Ive been having in the works for awhile. But it's going to take a while to get it done.
    Mostly in art but also in After Effects where I mastered the rotoscope tool. So if anyone needs a pro in rotoscoping, cutting adding animation in different environment(green screen stuff) I'm the guy to call.
    I studied 3D Animation last year and now I have a hiatus to do some freelancing until autumn this year. I might plan to enter college around autumn if I get in.
    My memory is pretty good at visualising events Ive experienced, so that's mostly where it comes from.
    I just so happened to be lucky to be near a big theatre building where they welcomed audiences for their test screening and production of the film. Apparently they have one for all of their other films. Some were lucky enough to see how Big Hero 6 changed during production. As for me I was lucky to be available for the Moana screening in my area. It's quite amazing though how I remember so much from that screening in detail.
    I am wanting to get a male, but I have heard males have some bladder problems or some health problems that females don't get.
    Yea, I've been considering the PS4 version. It's currently $25, which is a fair price point to me. I need to spend time replaying the games, but my back log is already ridiculous. Cherish the time you have now before adult life xD

    I wish you well with your music and talents. School is important believe it or not. I'll be on the look out for your fan-fic!
    Yes the first scrapped version had a lot of potential and really made an arc for Moana to obtain through hard work.
    My main issues with the rendered film

    : At the very beginning of the film Moana is given the heart of Te Fiti but loses it, then Tala collects it off screen with no real reveal. It's like the film wants you to just go along and not question how she knew about Te Fiti.

    : Moana lives in a paradise where's she's loved and respected, she's already great at being a chief at day 1, Despite this she's craving to leave for the ocean for reasons? She's not struggling so what is her real goal here? If they wouldn't have made it such a big deal of leaving the reef then I think this buildup could have worked. It also goes against the idea that Tui refuses to help his people since they're island is getting affected and if they stay they will eventually die.

    : Making Hei Hei a antagonist was an awful idea but even worse when he's nothing more than a dumb idiot causing unnecessary gags for the film. They should have stayed with the first version of Hei Hei that was just a normal rooster but with loyalty towards Moana.

    :Jared Bush is to blame for deciding to cut Pua's involvement. Apparently they cut it about 5-7 months before the films release. Critics and fans reacted negatively to the misleading promotion with Pua involved but stays at the island. It didn't make sense since they clearly explained that Pua and islander pigs are great swimmers for there to be any real peril for the pig. The way that they almost showed Pua drown is very inaccurate to how a pig swims.

    : The biggest plot point that goes against the rendered film is the ocean itself. Which Big Joel explains wonderfully. If the ocean could bring the heart of Te Fiti itself all this time why did it haft to give it to Moana? Why did it try to kill Moana on her quest to help her island find fish? Why did the ocean not help Moana during her first visit with Te Ka?

    : Notice how Moana doesn't haft to work hard or get to places herself, no the ocean is just going to help her, help her find Maui, help her hold Maui on their journey, and literally save her life during the climax. It's only by the the I am Moana segment that she gets herself out of hard work and determination.

    :The overall tone shift really lowers Moana's epicness that originally was going to play a big part of her journey. The lack of any real threat from mythical sea creatures and a powerful creature (lava witch) threatening the protagonist was very missed opportunity.

    Things the film got right that I do respect is

    Make Moana deserve the heart of Te Fiti for saving an innocent life (baby turtle) from dangers over choosing a sea shell.
    Tala helping Moana leave the reef with a honourable farewell as a manta ray
    Having a scene between Moana & Te Fiti, while cliché but it was still well executed.
    Having Moana's island voyaging again at the end to face new horizions (staying true to the legends of wayfinding)
    Yeah, it was too bad that he was gotten rid of. I've also thought about getting a kitten, though I am wondering if it should be a Siamese or a solid black kitten.
    Oki doki here I go with the footage that I saw from back in 2015 from Moana.

    John Musker & Ron Clements started showing an earlier altered version of Moana growing up at Motunui. Here we saw toddler Moana playing around by the beach until the ocean began to lurk to the shore (like a shark) only to reveal it's playful nature and having a trail of sea shells. It continues with a similar direction as the film until Moana is led back to land where she picks up one shell and waves goodbye to the ocean. The ocean waves back in a very nurturing manner (we in the audience were awed and impressed) The same beach cuts to, must be 14 years later when Moana is supposedly 16 and holds the same shell in her hand (this takes place during the evening and it looked stunning as the wind passed through her hair)

    Later Osnat Shurer came to the stage and introduced earlier non-finished animations of scenes with a child Moana interacting with Tala. The scenes had Moana and Tala sitting outside by the beach near a beautiful tree and Tala told Moana about her younger self while braiding Moana's hair. It went on to show Moana & Tala take swim in the ocean for I believe a 12-15 second footage. Very moving and poignant deleted footage I wish would have made it. Their relationship was more genuine and there wasn't so much of a (chosen one) focus at this point.

    Later they introduced Pua's importance to the film back then. Pua went along Moana & a much more realistic Hei Hei. One scene I remember in particular was with Moana, Pua & Hei Hei reaching the island where Maui resided. Here Maui was much more to the point with why he wouldn't return or help, he didn't make fun or try to have Moana dead. Maui was portrayed as very tricky but not self centred.

    To understand further what this story focused on, Musker said that they had 2 versions one that got closer to the rendered film and one that never involved any Te Fiti. The one they scrapped involved Moana having 9 older brothers who all were into voyaging. The island would hold competitions in where Moana would participate but didn't really know the basics of voyaging or sailing. She would repeatedly fail but never give up. This story however connected to that the fish would indeed disappear from Motunui and the older brothers would head out to find the missing sea life at their island. When news came that her brothers had been missing Moana takes upon the task to bring home her brothers safe and restore the fish. This was a very emotional moment, & Tala was still alive in this version. Moana heads off with Pua & Hei Hei. Before they did not reveal too much of the 2nd act they did reveal footage that Moana's pig Pua would be a great swimmer and that they would encounter more mythical sea creatures on their way (That was fantastic and I really had hoped they would keep it but they decided to cut most all of it) The only hint you can find of it in the rendered film is when Tala shows in flashback a few sea creatures nearing the way finders)

    Then they moved onto the planned 2nd act in a longer visit in Lalotai. It was here that Maui revealed his backstory and how he was granted the hook. This was a scene where (the visuals of Realm Of Monsters would be very calm and soothing to fit the mood) So in this version they're visit in Lalotai was much longer.

    And the last piece of footage from the scrapped version was that of the lava witch (They introduced how Moana was alone in her quest at this point, most likely during the end of the 2nd act. And this volcano starts to breath and out comes lava shaping itself into a witch. The sound in the room was intense and creepy. The lava witch approached a frightened Moana with a smirk on it's face. Brought her up in her hand while delivering a chilling response. This was far more intense than what they later did with Te Ka. At this point it was clear that the lava witch was the antagonist and holy moly did I really like this villain.

    The 2nd and more similar version of Moana film had Moana leaving the island with Pua & a much more Sebastian like Hei Hei. This Hei Hei was an antagonist and he hated Moana. He would be the reporter to Moana's father and we could see that this Hei Hei wasn't very likeable. This version didn't have the lava witch though and had been replaced with Te Ka. And it was here that I noticed the film was getting less serious. This version also decided to have Tala be victim for those Disney deaths.

    And so later when Moana was released these parts were left out

    : No older brothers
    : No voyaging, sailing competitions at Motunui
    : No Lava Witch
    : No Mythical sea creatures aside from Tamatoa
    : Songs were given a lighthearted approach instead of much more serious, were originally supposed to follow a similar tone to that from Tarzan.
    : Overall tone of the film was revamped to more child friendly
    : No Pua joining Moana
    : No Alive Grandma Tala
    : And no real backstory for Moana learning voyaging or sailing.
    : Maui's backstory was shortened and cut and originally planned to show flashbacks but were considered too intense.
    Don't sweat it! Many of my own threads are terrible and usually get shot down. I need to go back and play DDD since I've only played it once back in 2012.

    Wow, I had no idea you were the musical genius in the community. That's impressive. I, like, only learned flute and violin in the 5th grade haha.

    And your story sounds really good!! I'd definitely like the read that fan-fic when, of course, it's completed. It sounds very intriguing.
    True, the Greeks and Romans were pretty open about their sexuality, it was only when Christianity became Rome's official religion that the openess became closed.

    My cat Mheetu is named after Nala's little brother from the deleted plot line of The Lion King.
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