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Hakan Xatos
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  • Eh, it's okay, it takes a while to do anyways. Whatever you do Xatos, do NOT wonder trade the Stakataka, you'll never see it again and you'll get something rubbish in return. The code i gave you below is to register me as a friend on your 3DS, but i we both need each others to do anything. So here's what you do.
    1: Click on "friend list" it's the orange smiley face on your 3DS menu screen.
    2. On your friend list, go to the right. You should see a photo of your mii and your friend code beneath their name. Type in that number and send it to me via message.
    3: to enter my friend code, click register friend in the right hand corner of the bottom screen, click "Internet" and enter the code from there.
    From then on i'm registered on yours and vice versa if done successfully, the friend code system can work wonders with other pokemon titles, such as X and Y's friend safari. When you're done doing that, we'll get into the complicated mess of trading in Ultra sun and moon.
    Hakan Xatos, you are a lifesaver, Stakataka is the ONLY one left that i need to complete my dex. Here's my friend code.
    FC 4356-1811-9442
    Aw, I had a nasty sinus infection last month. Glad you got better.
    That's nice you're visiting your grandparents. Hope your grandfather gets better with whatever's wrong. :)
    Break was great, so far stressful as hell. I got so many large assignments at school due tomorrow. But I'm doing okay as far as at home. I finally got a phone that's Samsung Galaxy. All other phones I ever had were flip- phones so there's an improvement. xD
    How you doing yourself Hakan? :)
    I'm still holding up my promise to join back to the Ux group. I'm just going to be out of internet for awhile now, probably until summer. We really are having money troubles right now so it is longer than expected. Please let them know too.
    I'm sorry that I couldn't wish you the best before your show. I know you probably did great and hope you got to enjoy the party as well :)
    We're having a party for our last show. And yeah, I'm definitely going to celebrate!
    Tomorrow's opening night! I'm nervous, but so excited! :D
    Thanks, I appreciate the encouragement! I've got till November 10 to learn everything. But I'm also busy with band events too like this Saturday. :)
    Chorus and background dancer. I'm pretty excited for it, but man now every day I have to stay after school for practice like right now, ugh. Still, pretty fun seeing this is my first musical I'm in. :3
    Good, I'm in a school play of Little Shop of Horrors, super excited!
    (I'm at school now)
    I probably will get on the forums during before practice for the play like today
    Hakan, I'd like to tell you that I lost internet. Tell the group at Ux that I didn't leave forever, I don't have internet to join back. I don't have much more time, just let them know I'll be back. See you again soon I hope.
    Sure is (with the whole school thing). :)
    Well no, I live near no national park but I've been to a national park one day at West Virginia on a vacation. It was fun, but I didn't camp there because I was suppose to be at West Virginia for a few days. But the park so beautiful and had great views. :D
    Omg I wish I could join you when you go camping! I've never gone camping but I've always wanted to. ;_;
    Oh man yeah, the hurricane is definitely a big one. It's good people are trying to get away from the storm right now.
    As for electives, well I haven't been able to choose a course. But I'm enjoying marching band right now though.
    Hey! Well school has started, I've had a tight schedule and trying to stay active as much as I can. xD
    How about you? :)
    Hey xD Just wanted to thank you for the compliment! :D Yours is a 10/10 btw - I love coated-Roxas!
    I didn't post it in the thread itself because I don't want people to assume I just want to farm compliments or something, haha
    Yeah, I'm going to hopefully take advantage of the 0 AP tomorrow after my heart check up, I'm hoping my heart condition has gotten better. And Idk about any medals that help, all I know is I try to borrow medals with Defense boost and that I still can't keep the enemy from killing me in one blow. :(
    It's ok, family comes first! I got past the 5th quest and now I'm stuck on the 7th. I'm going to be gone for 7 hours though due to marching band practice this week. But I'll try to immediately get on as soon as I get home! :)
    I got the power gem already, I appreciate you wanting to help out. :)
    I was able to actually get my keyblade to 28 so I'm pretty happy I saved on other gems. Thankfully there are some members though who get to collecting lux more which they are a major help.
    Also, I'm stuck with Axel's quests #5.
    Seeing you got the avatar part already, I ask for any assistance with it. It's unfortunate that I used all of my jewels already to get past the quest.
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