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  • Never said otherwise :p was just teasing, hon, relax. Not every day I see a Kairi fan in there, and a returning one to boot.
    Ok, I need to know.
    Is that club REALLY that interesting to a Kairi lover?
    I was basically saying we gave up on her :p

    For that
    1) Kairi needs her own Keyblade. So far, I doubt being a Wielder and having a Keyblade go hand in hand.
    2) Battle Experience
    Personally, I think Ven's kind of like Terra - he's already Master level, but Eraqus didn't have him go through the exam because of plot reasons.
    It's kind of late in the game to start anything with Kairi, at least in this current saga, imo. Everyone else either had it from the get go (like TAV) or worked hard for a good while now for it (Sora and Riku). Kairi suddenly becoming important just feels detached.
    Yeah, recent debate only steered towards Kairi towards the end.
    Today's conclusion: we pity her. And have lost hope xD;
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