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  • yea i do. unlimited texting!! wooht wooht. here um delete it or tell me when ur done so i can edit. i dont want random people having my number>.<
    do it all the time *smiles evily* no. jk. ugh i really feel like drawing but i have no idea what to.
    really same here! well my brothers already in college but its like 10 minutes away but hes trying to transfer real fast and he most likely will transfer this year. lol. i tried to make a facebook but it said im inelligble. do i pretend to be over 18?
    actually i might start god of war. my brother has it and hes gonna probably gonna be gone all summer so yea! i get access to all his games!
    lolz i just finished. funny i had to put myself in the mind of a poor japanese boy leaving his family for work. it was pretty fun though. ugh now i have open house.
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