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  • Woah, hello. I haven't been on in like a week xP

    Anyway, to answer your Harry Potter question, no, the things in the department of mysteries do not get explained. I was very disappointed, because I found them intriguing as well :(
    Ugh, this week has been so icky. I've just been running around for school stuff and stressing over projects. I'm doing a project on meningitis for Med Science, then I have to do a journal for photo, then I have to write my NHS essay. And read some sparknotes because there's no way I can read a book right now. It's 1AM here, lol.

    Yay for starting HP though :D the beginning is very long and slow but once you get to Hogwarts it'll be good.
    Fred just gets hit by a curse when there's a fight going on.

    Dumbldeore gets hit with the killing curse and falls off a tower. lol

    As for Hogwarts... well, when I read the book it was after having seen previews for the HP movie back in 2001, so I was never able to come up with my own image for Hogwarts or the characters. But I have my own picture of Harry/Ron/Hermione. Ron is almost the same in my head as he is in the movies, Hermione is a bit less pretty in my head, and Harry looks pretty different from older Dan Radcliffe.
    my thread got closed....
    they just bagged the hell out off it, i hate all those fags.
    its not my fault the noobies dont know, but only the smart people went there.
    i didnt even get repped or aknoledged at all...
    :C1 (knife at throat)
    Yeah, they had two shops and they were insanely successful. There's a nice little scene in the sixth book that takes place at their shop in Diagon Alley.

    And yeah, I totally cried when Fred died.
    Let's see.... It's been a while so I can't remember all of the people, but there are quite a few deaths of ministry officials, parents of Hogwarts students, etc. Dumbledore is the only important character that dies though. But in the next book a shitload of people die.
    I got a DS over a PSP because of the fact the Organization XIII game would be on the DS. So I'm definitely not someone who thinks it's useless. Unless of course it doesn't explain anything about the Room of Sleep, or if it turns out Xion's dead and not appearing in KH3. In which case, I think it's fairly useless if it's simply covering old information, or is totally self contained in what it conveys.
    The plus was to show all of what you had said, as well as fanservice, and I should have added in money-milking too.
    The murder thing is a pretty well known internet meme, you may have heard it before. I don't know how to do a spoiler box so white font it is...

    Dumbledore dies.
    Oh, lol, you posted you Harry Potter reply on your own profile. Basically, the sixth book is about everyone living in fear because Voldemort is more in the open, lots of murders are happening, etc. Harry and Dumbledore explore Voldemort's past and we learn a lot more about him. Harry is the popular kid at school again. Ummm... oh yeah, and Harry finds a potions book with lots of notes inside it by a genius potions student. I won't tell who it is though ;)
    Do you have spring break? If you do, you can catch up to me then. I go back to school on Monday, so I'm going to slow down for sure then.
    lay it on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like this
    172635434422748859974635355442748499300000000: ate my potato, or what not.
    The forth is my favourite, but I've only read up to #5, I haven't started #6, I don't even know what it's about.
    TELL ME!! but dont give the whole story away...
    I saw your post in the TAV SKR connectons thread. So you dont think Soul Eater is remotely key-like hay... I beg to differ
    So have you started the sixth book yet?

    I think the sixth may have been my favorite. I don't know though, I really liked the fourth also. What's your favorite so far?
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