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  • Negro if you don't post I swear to god. You left them on a cliff-hanger getting abducted by Krampus maaaaaaaane.
    Honestly. Theres some decent RP'ers on here. I was hoping that deimos dude would've stepped up, but he disappointed me by asking to judge. Whatevs.

    Just a challenge to see if anyone remembers how to fight without powers and abilities or weapons that have passive powers or abilities.
    Dude. How the hell am I not a legendary member yet? I been on this site for like 13 years and I never broke 10k post.


    Part of me wants to rejoin Apocalypse, but at the same time I would rather focus on that 5 vs Me thread I posted lol.
    I was reading one of my old templates from 2011 and I don't understand a damn thing I wrote. I think it was an ability called dissassociation, which...literally did nothing, and the way it was explained made no fuckin' sense at all lmfao.
    Hey, I've got a quick question for you. Would it be okay if I make a passing comment about Raine having attacked Sync, he deals with it and then he lets them leave the fight? Only reason I'm asking is 1) So I don't accidentally mess up, and 2) So the other rps know exactly when Sync's part happens. If you'd rather not, I can hold off on that. It's just I'm thinking Dexter and Jeane could probably use some reinforcements soon based on SH's last post.
    I'm seeing one of two things going on in Fragments at the moment. 1. Taavy is EXTREAMLY prejudiced against Blaster, and it's going to take the majority of the RP to change that, if it's even possible. Or 2. We've got entirely different plans for my character. I tend to think it's the first one. XD
    I unfortunately have garnered my mother silver tongue styling's XD. Well people don't like it mainly cause it makes them feel unoriginal in fact you were one of the people to start getting me to branch out on making my own abilities rather then the norm. You, seph2, and the sisters actually XD.

    Ya I just feel bad for not reviewing everyones temps before adding things to Jack he would have been just fine original version TWT. Oh well though my goof up, and lesson learned XD. At least RIka, and Swap are a better success story XD.

    Well my youtuber channel name is Maltien(I don't have any videos up yet) Its going to be a lets play channel. As for detail I sorta just for now until I can find a artisit to draw a Maltien Sprite I just want the banner to be like purple particle effect with gusts of green wind blowing them in circles with the title: "Maltien's Lets Play" being tilted in a blowing away effect. as for back ground maybe a snowy mountain effect?
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