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Hazen Gregory
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  • I unfortunately have garnered my mother silver tongue styling's XD. Well people don't like it mainly cause it makes them feel unoriginal in fact you were one of the people to start getting me to branch out on making my own abilities rather then the norm. You, seph2, and the sisters actually XD.

    Ya I just feel bad for not reviewing everyones temps before adding things to Jack he would have been just fine original version TWT. Oh well though my goof up, and lesson learned XD. At least RIka, and Swap are a better success story XD.

    Well my youtuber channel name is Maltien(I don't have any videos up yet) Its going to be a lets play channel. As for detail I sorta just for now until I can find a artisit to draw a Maltien Sprite I just want the banner to be like purple particle effect with gusts of green wind blowing them in circles with the title: "Maltien's Lets Play" being tilted in a blowing away effect. as for back ground maybe a snowy mountain effect?
    So I will ask this of you are their any other abilities that are to similar to anyone elses cause as of right now I have only read Amy's, and Rainees templates.
    I like to rp to dude writing is my passion x3, and unfortunately I can say way back when I first started here had issues following rules, wanting my characters to always win, and just be to damn stubborn sometimes. I get I can go over the top still, and it still does happen from time to time however now I at least have the capability to say I am wrong, and take the spanking XD. All you have to do is correct me from time to time ask the sisters they do it on a daily bases XD.

    *Smacks your hands with a ruler* And listen here mister saying your opinion doesn't have effect on fellow writers is like saying I don't know how to write a fight scene IT IS VERY UNTRUE O3O. Your a very gifted writer/rper way better then I am especially on crafting abilities, and really damn advanced ones at that.
    Lol. You're amusement wasn't lost on me, contrary to what my posts might say. I'm amused by this too, I even threw in a couple of "lols" myself to try and get it across. Unfortunately though, it looks like a lot of it was lost to the internet so it's not seeming like I'm amused. XD
    Of course a name change XD. Well I was hoping to have a green wind with purple mist effect banner saying Maltien's Let's Play Channel or to a similar effect your allowed to be artistically free with the design x3.
    it's been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, friend. :) just logged onto this old profile...it's crazy how much this site has changed. Hope everything is going well.
    O_O... I'm constantly surprised by your RP inspirations I swear you atleast know as many old school PS1 RPG's as I do...
    Yes, I'd thought about that. Most likely they haven't met, and given Kivuli's admitted xenophobia, I suspect they won't entirely get along. Should be interesting though!
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