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Hazen Gregory
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  • Ya know, I'm not sure how you expect anyone to stay in contact with you when everytime I get back on this site you've changed your name. Haha.
    I'm just saying make it good. purgatory's character is here too, and he may throw a wrench... or an entire tool box, into the plan.
    You twat it's not dull it's character building!

    *ahem* you can try to give her an escape route. It's pretty much Vexil's job to hold her there though, so it may not work.
    Hey man it's been awhile! I have a few questions regarding photoshop (like the entire suite). I have this icky feeling that my laptop isn't going to last for a long time, and I REALLY don't want to lose the program (due to the nature of the licenser in it, I wouldn't be able to get it back if that happened). PM me?
    Hey Tav, could you make a post in Nightfall? It's been a month since my last post and I'm trying to get people going again.
    That's good to hear. Glad that issue was cleared up. Too bad just a simple name change can cause so many problems. xD
    Hi Tav!

    I was wondering if you'd still be able to do my request from C&E if I reposted it?
    It might actually be your username that is keeping people from PMing you. Do you mind if we change it to "Orsas Thumbnail" or we can give you a full name change if you'd prefer it (preferably something without any special characters in it)
    I'm going to try and fix whatever is wrong with your account. Can you send me through PM what email you wanted to use? And if you remember what the old email is, please tell me it as well.
    For whatever reason, I can't PM you. So I'll VM you. Your changes are decent and in fact are a tinsy-bit flattering considering I didn't actually think you'd do it. Not that you were incapable, or whatever, I just personally didn't think I could get anyone to edit their temps. Your temp is cool, however, I'll be more than a little vocal if I spot anything I don't like, RP wise. This goes for anyone else reading this VM, let's just RP and have fun.

    Oh and the position for leader of the baddies has been filled ^^
    Yeah sounds good, although the main antagonist is a cult of demons (and all things nightmarish and otherwise nefarious) the leader doesn't necessarily have to be a demon; just someone on their side ^^
    You don't have to, I was just wondering if push comes to shove you have to. I need someone competent to be the baddie ^^

    But yes?
    It's basically a supernatural-esque RP, where things of all mythologies exist in one universe but it mostly boils down to angels and demons duking it out.
    Um, nothing makes me think that, I was just curious. See, I don't normally have a RP become centralized around one person, but this one just might have to do that and I was wondering who could play that antagonist.
    Describe it in full, if you please? I'm gathering data on trying to make the most user-friendly RP in the universe. Every idea is valued ^^
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