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  • Quick question: In a RP, would you prefer the RPers themselves deciding the course of the plot, antagonistic direction, and overall sequence of events that play out seemingly randomly or have a clearly defined, structured and concise plot, reasoning for antagonistic activity, etc?
    Then it seems I've been misled by our conversation. ._.

    Regardless, I can't help but feel it completely fitting that Reforge is a harbinger of creation. This fight will prove even more interesting--more so the idea of the two fighting rather than the actual fight itself--than I first thought.
    Unless Reforge kills himself in the process, then yes, it's impossible for him to kill the Smiling Man, as he would simply use Reforge to restore himself. No villain can slay him, only a hero.

    Everyone wasn't ready. =\
    And I am fully aware of several more that you aren't. For instance, even if you're able to defeat the Smiling Man, your notion of Reforge "destroying" or "killing" him is a pipe dream at best. Simply because of what he is and who Reforge is (judging solely from what I've gathered from this conversation alone), it is completely impossible for Reforge to kill him.

    As for the rest, I'll suppose we'll just have to wait and see and in the meantime, agree to disagree. I won't, however, be using the Smiling Man at the peak of his abilities. Not only would it be less fun, I'd rather let him grow along with the the story of Nightfall. And if I lose because of it, then oh well. Growing the character and slowly revealing what he is and what he can do over the long run appeals to me more than spoiling it all just for a tournament.
    And you'll understand soon enough that defeating the Smiling Man is not a task easily accomplished. If Reforge does end up managing to defeat the Smiling Man (which, to be honest, I wouldn't be completely surprised if he did, not to say he will), then it would simply be because of the Smiling Man not being in his peak form (which I'm assuming Reforge is). Even still, the Smiling Man would give him complete hell before calling it.

    But the Smiling Man at his peak? No, that would be an entirely different matter. Not even Reforge would be able to stand against him in an all-out battle, simply because of what he'd become. You can laugh or say I'm wrong all you want, but this... I know what he's going to become and just how unimaginably strong he will be.
    Technically, I think it would be accurate to say that these characters, when all constraints on their powers are lifted and are allowed to fight freely without being unfair to the other roleplayers, are godmodding. I say that simply because their power is on an entirely different level, one that, compared to normal roleplaying characters, would seem invincible. I say "lift godmodding" because I want these characters to be able to go all out, free of any limitation in "fairness" due to the differences in these character's powers. Unless you think I'm referencing to powerplaying, in which I am not.

    Also, it's a fair bit premature to be saying Reforge, regardless of how strong he may be, can beat the Smiling Man, especially since you don't know the extent of his power. Besides, how do you know that the Smiling Man won't figure out this weakness and use it against him, eh?

    And, I suppose, it wouldn't be completely fair to claim the Smiling Man truly unbeatable, as, in his story's canon, there is one that can genuinely defeat him, though due to special reasons. And most of the fights he is "beaten" in, is mainly due to him getting bored and allowing the other person to win.
    Haha, yes! Very well, then. I accept your challenge, and I feel there would be no better place for it to play out than at this tournament, where the title of KHI's strongest would truly be on the line. A no holds barred match where the ban of godmodding is lifted, and the only rule being no powerplaying.

    But, to be fair, I never outright stated that he would slay Reforge. You, however, instantly and greatly underestimated the Smiling Man, without having even the slightest idea who he is or what he's capable of. Just as Reforge is your greatest character and result of your hard work, so is the Smiling Man mine. With how much we have roleplayed together before and how many times we've crossed blades, I would have thought you, of all people, would know that I'm not like other people; that my words are not hollow.

    I am, by no means, underestimating Reforge or the powers he has. Such a character would not gain such a notorious reputation if they did not earn it. However, no one, not even myself, knows the true extent of the Smiling Man's power at his peak, and that unknown potential alone should be enough for you and your "unbeatable Reforge" not to underestimate this character, especially since he's mine.
    We've had this discussion once before, with your ultimate response being, and I quote:

    "Apparently your Smiling Man is capable of great feats. Even greater than my own ideas. Well I'll be damned then. I need to do some revamping."

    I made the statement when I first introduced the character that the Smiling Man would be a character the likes this section has never seen before. I have no intentions of not carrying that statement through.
    I find it hilarious that you think you could actually beat him. You've seen what a mere fraction of his powers can do, and you still think him beatable? This is the man whose goal is to slay God. You would do well not to underestimate him by any means.
    Then I suppose I'll just have to give them a prod.

    It'd probably just be more minor things or details, than anything else. I'll try to rope Jezza or the Prof into helping with the actual thread. Since you know the section better than I, I thought you might be willing to spread the news to those who you think would be interested in a tournament such as this.

    Oh, and believe me, I already have a few, grand ideas as how to bring everything falling down on everyone else's head. A certain smiling man might just reduce everything past nothing.
    So, are Cort and KSX still planning on being in Nightfall or what? I'd really like to get the roleplay start pretty soon.

    Further, I wanted to talk to you about perhaps putting together some sort of battle tournament. Even though I'm not, perhaps, very verse in the battle section, as the mod of the roleplaying section, I felt it my duty to try to pour some life back into it as well. If we get enough interest, I might even be able to get a forum award as the prize. Perhaps a sort of "God Among Men" tournament, where roleplayers put forth their strongest characters in an all-out battle to see who the strongest monster of the roleplaying section is?
    I was like, who's Ozma? I come to your profile, read the 'about me', and see the word TWERKING in caps. I'm like, that's got to be Tavish ;)
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