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  • Heyy, Ashes here, you can call me Cody if you like. I'm one of the Mods for the RP section. I just wanted to say hi, always good to have a new RPer. I like your template for kingdomkeylight's RP. If you ever have any problems or need anything at all, hit me up. I'm almost always on. I also have MSN, and Skype so you can reach me there. ^^
    Well, a lot of RPs that come off as combat oriented aren't as violent as you'd think. Take a closer look at any RPs that catch your eye, and you might find something really interesting. In truth, if I hadn't joined an RP while I had no confidence in my skills as a writer, I would likely have no talent whatsoever. They can really boost skill and confidence.

    And if you want to make a Roleplay, try taking a look at other roleplays first. In my advice, it's best to avoid doing some thing done millions of times, while still not straying so far from everything else that no one has any idea what they'd be doing if they joined. And if it flops, don't be sad or anything, use what you've learned. I've taught you all I know (without going so in-depth to bore you immensely... although what I said you probably already knew). You will do well, grasshopper.

    Well, if you need any more help with the RP section, I'll be around. ;D
    If you'd like, I'll give some advice concerning the RP section. If not, I guess I'll give it anyways. Most RPs can accomodate new members at any time, and they're typically a friendly environment which'll give you some help if you find a hard time joining. So don't be afraid to join existing Roleplays, because sometimes it can be a great experience and most of the time you'll learn quite a bit about writing.
    ah you give rep by clicking rep right under summons states which is right under someone name in a post.

    Actually they are not total combat people in these rps aren't crazy they have long talks in there rp before a battle usualy starts and even during a battle someones always talking how can you get a feel for a death in the game when your chraracters never talk.

    Romance are not my enjoyment either. Survival rps are fun I think.

    You know what you should try making a mystery rp I could totally see people joining that maybe a few fights here and there but more talking type rp.

    I am not going to lie no matter what type of rp you make in this site there will be violence sorry to say Like IN the Dream world rp I have a society set up so people go about there lives talking to each other but when the outsiders come a few places will have battle but at the most the rp will be a good halve talking and another Fighting.

    As for your rp that is a challenge drawing people in well you want your rp to be of the more political type. My advise try going for a simple but startling plot like someone gets kidnapped or someone has lost something presios or a favorite someone been poison lol just kidding.
    Just create a temp, give me time to accept it, and then you can make your starting post, which you can start from anywhere in town.
    Well, here is what has/is happening so far:
    Joeseph, Allan, and Eva have recently formed an alliance, after fighting off Nero in the fountain square, who was put to sleep via tranquilizer round from Joeseph's MK22. They are currently taking Nero to Joeseph's house to rehabilitate Nero.

    Zexos and Shadow are currently destroying the building permits that were going to be used by a construction company that was going to destroy the swamp.
    Eva and Zexos, after a meeting in the swamp, now see each other on equal terms.
    Eva is also working to try to help both the creatures and humans get along.
    Kasumi, whose current territory and location is the cinema in the center of town, has recently met with kale and Canis, after Canis knocked her out of the way of an incoming fire stream from Nero, who was aiming for Joeseph.
    Kale and Canis are currently fixing their territory, the apartment building next to Kasumi's territory.

    That should clear most of it up.
    Actually, both sides are equal, so it doesn't matter. Funny, the time I'm not on for pretty much a whole day and everyone decides to join my RP. I gotta spend more time on my new PS3 then. XD
    I saw your question in my RP, Primitive. Yes, we are still accepting characters. If you need a quick synopsis on what is going on, just ask me at any time.
    Rep: just a popularity thing the more you have the more of a big shot you seem.

    Ya this is a pretty big combat rp site every once in awhile we get romantic rps or some school life ones. Cannon character are used alot like sora and the gang.

    It could work do you have a actual plot yet or is it still on work.

    Well one rp that I am working on... the one you were looking at a few bit ago is trying to make it more interactive then combat but knowing my friends it will be a battle field which is fun.

    What other rp ideas do you have there is probable one that could easiliy get excepted here quick.
    Super Rep punch lol I was reading you Harro thread thought i would say hello in person well actually this is hello in words not in... you get what I mean.

    Said ya wanted to join a a rp not to fair in progress thought I would help ya ones Called A Ancient Tale od Darkness and Twilight which is collab with me and Sephiroth to and the other I can see you already looking at.

    If ya need any help working on a rp idea shot and I shall help ya. Yet again welcome to are LAlaland and enjoy.
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