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  • Well first there were IRCs but i sort of switched over to FB after Professinator highjacked mibbit and started harassing people (mainly me but everyone was aggravated)

    So now its on FB messenger but we're transitioning to discord if you're interested in either. Not sure how interested you are considering we havent talked since i was a little prick but a lot of shit has happened since then.
    Oh right, I remember you mentioning Reddit in the past. Isn't Reddit usually full of people though? How many years of school do you have left, if you don't mind me asking?

    Thank you! C: Well, I've been feeling kind of festive, so figured why not? lol. I suppose you're right, cause Zankyou no Terror did get a bit worse towards the end and didn't exactly stay appealing the whole time. (I mostly just liked the puzzles they did before it gave way into a big chase with Five after them. Will do! I've watched a Justice League movie not too long ago, but yeah, will look for some episodes if I can. True, it's kind of more of a waiting period until January and most of next year for more ideal anime/anime movies. I get that. I think the only thing I liked about the Cowboy Bebop movie was that it didn't have an unhappy ending.
    Hey Hero! How are doing today? =) It's been a long time since we've chatted together. And should I not see you for the holidays, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    I know it's been a long time since we discussed anime. Zankyou no Terror was really good except the ending was a tad surprising and sad. :c Adventure Time isn't really for me, but I do like Gravity Falls. Yup, I have Netflix. Maybe some time, I'll watch Batman Beyond. Any anime you're watching lately? How is life? Have you ever watched Cowboy Bebop the Movie?
    cool bruh. i got some serious game ideas to hit you with when you hit it big.

    sorry if i haven't been active, my laptop got broke in the move so i borrow my mom's when i can, as for now i use my wii u which blows but w/e. talking about myself like a dick lol play any games as of late or any you're looking to swipe?
    mechanics. only trade i have any knowledge about, its profitable, and will greatly benefit me.

    what about you man? any ideas for your future?
    dude i've been into marvel since birth. after a string of mediocre movies since they entered cinema, the tide has changed (except asm 2, it was filmed in my state and i can't recommend it).

    only characters i haven't heard of were the gotg and the movie was fantastic, at least as good as avengers imo if not better.

    sorry to hear it. because i'm homeschooled, my dad's got me graduating school early so i can jump into vocational school and find a career.
    bruh you haven't watched cap 2 wtf

    nah jk what's happening? have you seen guardians of the galaxy?
    hey i understand i just saw you were online and wanted to give you a shout lol.
    homeless and without internet but *singing voice* WHAAAAAAT'S LOST IS FOOUUND

    but for real, pretty chill compared to the last year. hit me up on the chat in my sig bruh. it's faster.
    I'm quite surprised the restaurant you work at doesn't have people that just sit there and eat their meals anymore. I guess, this generation has really changed a lot. We're controlled by our mobile devices a lot. Kind of makes me wonder if, the vita or psp at one point was meant to be exactly that before the ipods started coming out. Ah, here I am rambling at three in the morning over technology of all things. xD Well, if you ever met me in person, I sure as heck wouldn't be on my ipod. I try to have manners that some people in this day and age lack.

    Cowboy Bebop was really, really good but, doesn't Spike die at the end? That's the only thing that threw me off about it. Well, I'll take your word for it since, some anime are better off with only one season instead of two. I'm actually catching up on episode three of Zankyou no Terror today.
    Its how I roll. ;D And I think its how standard humans greet each other these days. lol. Unless you're an alien?

    Gosh, you work an awfully lot. Your job must be really demanding to have you work so much. I guess working two jobs is becoming a lot more common these days. (I hope you didn't get in trouble on my account for messaging me during the day?)

    Ah. I dislike her as a whole. I thought she was unnecessary to the plot.

    We only get 9 episodes? I hope they can keep things even without making it feel rushed. Or we get a second season of Zankyou no Terror.

    Okay. I just don't want to come off as someone ignoring you, or anything at all. :3 I blog about anime, sometimes manga and usually books. Except I take awhile to review books. And usually their Young Adult books then any other type of literature. Yup! Its the same blog in my signature.

    I actually found another place to watch Adventure Time. So I'll let you know what I think soon. :D
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