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    Jpop/Jrock Discusion

    Jpop/Jrock This is a thread for Jpop/Jrock descusion. You can talk about anything related to the genre in here. Everyone who has played some type of video game has heard at least one jap song that they like. Post things like your fave singer or song and stuff. So, who do you like that sings...
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    what was the most dramatic part of kh?

    Defentily the ending. I was crying and singing the song at the same time. My voice was breaking and there was just streems of tears running down my face. My second choice is when Sora sacrefices himself to free Kairi's heart. Oh yeah, shouldn't this thread belong in the KH section?
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    Kingdom Hearts II New Scans!!

    Holy crud! Thats Jonny Depp! He's in KH2! OMG! Okay, sorry, I have my moments. But wow! I never knew about this. I just wasnt expecting that. I thought Disney would only use some of there old classic movies. But the Pirates of the Carabbian is so new to the Disney family. Hmmm. Weird. Thanks...
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    What world do you think should be in KH2?

    Pried Rock. My favorite disney movie of all time. I can recite all of the lines for some reason. Spira kicks butt anyday in my book. Pocahantis' world would be cool, with the talking tree and all.
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    Stop The Presses!!!!!

    WAAAAA! *Screams like a Japanese school girl* Oh my god! This is the news I have been waiting for for 2 years. I can't believe it. Please say it's true. You have made my day happier. Much happier. You rock my socks! Now if only they would give us an offical date. That won't be happening any...
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    Fairy God Mother Replaced with YUNA (theory)

    Like I said before on another thread, Yuna in KH2 would be awsome and I would love to summon some aeons to knock some Heartless around but I doubt that Yuna replacing FGM would ever happen. But it is plausable.
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    sora or riku?

    Well, I haven't gotten to Riku's story yet. I'm still stuck on the second to last boss on Sora's story. So I can't really say. But I can tell you that I'm looking foward to Riku's story. He's my favorite.
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    what if yuna were in KH2?!

    I love Yuna. That would be awsome if she was in KH2. But what would be really awsome would be if Sora could summon a couple of the aeons. Those aeons could kick some major heartless booty! But I could also see her as maybe a kid on Destiny Islands also. Maybe as one of Kairi's friends. I'd have...
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    Hikki here!

    Hey everone. My name is Carly. I'm 14. I'm another KH fan(duh.) AdventChildKiori is the person that suggested I should join. Well, I was planing to join all along but I just never got around to it. I love Utada Hikaru. In case your wondering where the name came from, It's Utada's nickname. My...