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  • well youll get uses to it one day just ignore what people say ( they just think they are superior )
    hey don't say that you're just new so youll get used to it
    just read thread and look up information so you wont be confused
    haha no...i posted something in your first thread. You're new and I shouldn't have been such a jerk. sorry!
    hahaha you need to really catch up

    you should've sent it to me and i would've told you what your sayin
    you are confused with 2 games
    wait wts a um ??
    a thread is something that you can put your idea on and people will tell you your oppinion on and depending on how it is people will tell you that iether it suck or its cool just go to the forums and look for yourself
    cool i'll definetly reply a thread you write so just tell me where its at and i'll probably be the 2nd or 3rd person to reply
    wow cool
    i joined since this is the only site i found like this and i am a huge fan of KH so i just joined
    so are you still reading the rules
    i have no idea im sorta a new member i just got off KHI for a while so i was lost but i just know most stuff now
    i know how to do threads and all that
    cool avatar , thats cloud rite ?
    oh and im just wondering what got you interested in joining this site ??
    oh i never read those i just didnt do anything bad
    well its good that you read all the rules so u know what to do and what not to do
    yea even though i have that death in my screen name im like ultra friendly
    oh Welcom to KHinsider =]
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