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    Times that KH actually helped you.

    Kingdom Hearts helps me graduate from college. Back then, I was struggling to find any topics of my thesis. I was in an English Language Education fields, which the topics that I had to cover are limited to education, literature, and linguistics. Because I don't have any passion to be a teacher...
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    Rare (?) Kingdom Hearts Collectible... Any Information?

    I believe that you are referring to this trump card set, there are two types of this card. " Not Sold To Public Original And Official Kingdom Hearts 2002 Europe Press Kit Exclusive Press Card Deck Numbered 0235/1000 From Sony PlayStation & SquareSoft. The original 2002 Press Kit for Kingdom...
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    Japanese Response to KH III?

    Actually, you wouldn't be want to read the Japanese react to KHIII. The review is pretty bad on amazon Japan "It is said that the story is complicated and difficult, and it is necessary to prepare for other works, but I think it's just a poor proficiency. Even if I pre-parsed and understood...
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    Soundtrack Release?

    When do you think Kingdom Hearts III Original Soundtrack will be released? It's almost the release date but I can't find anything for preorder in the Square Enix Music website (SQUARE ENIX MUSIC). KINGDOM HEARTS OST was released on Mar 27, 2002 (1 day before the game's JP release date) KINGDOM...
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    Official Song Lyrics for "Chikai"

    Chikai / 誓い Music and Lyrics: Utada Hikaru Kanji Romaji (romanization by me) Quick translation (thanks google translate, waiting for proper translation)