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  • Hm. I wish there was a way to make the story information appear (like a spoiler box, kind of) at the bottom of the page.
    I personally don't mind number one, though numbers two and three are just as good, too. Would this be done for characters with shorter entries, too? Because I dunno how much sense that makes.
    I thought that too, but I only have one message in my inbox so I doubt it. :\
    It's just slightly infuriating.
    Try sending it again. Lately I haven't gotten my Private Messages.
    Can you do the CoM characters in that same format? Right now they are still the avatars. Thanks.

    Also, again a little thing and I'd change it myself if I knew how, but 'Organization XIII' to TWTNW please for Days characters. Just because the rest of them are worlds and at will help me cope with life.
    Oh, awesome. The KHII characters are written, though we don't have all of the banners yet. We can always go in and add those later.
    Hey Nocturne just so you know I put the new BBS:FM trailer from the Jump Festa 2011 on the Spoilers section of Birth By Sleep
    yeah thats pretty much it lol idk i'll sign on when i remember but usually when i sign on nobody talks to me so there's no point
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