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  • true facts: i grew up afraid of water most of my life

    i am just dandy, just dandy
    It means that every word has to start with a,e,i,o or u. The only exceptions are words like "the" and proper nouns that relate to Kingdom Hearts like Sora, Donald and Goofy. But be careful. It took me about an hour and a half to write mine.
    Well, considering that I'm the only one that you're interacting with and the fact that Envy just noticed you, I'd have to say that it would be a good idea to get going.
    Yea, but as it stands the most someone has held his or her breath is a little over 6 minutes. Stationary!
    It's really funny. I'd suggest anyone to watch it if they like comedy.

    And on a side note, BLITZBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Basically a bunch of people who have like zero ability to make friends gets together and join a club about making friends. There's a guy that tends to scare people away, a girl that has an imaginary friend, a girl that has followers but no friends, a 10 year old nun, a science geek who is VERY perverted and a guy who wants to be manly because his family is from a long line of samurai. His only problem is that he's too cute. I mean, they have him dress up in a maid outfit for the entire series! Oh! And the first guy's little sister who is always dressed in cos play.

    But it's about their lives and you end up learning a few things about a few of the characters. Primarily the first three people I mentioned.
    Can't quite remember all of it, but I wonder how you would be with Bamboo Blade. That's practically the only sport anime that I like.

    Then you might want to avoid Boku wa Tomogachi ga Sukunai(I think that's the name. It's been a while since I last said the whole thing).
    I gotta admit, you lost me with the sports part. I'm not the big into sports, granted I do love to play American Football. But I do understand the disapointment part. I've lost count of how many times the team I was on lost a big game.
    Yea. They need to drop Cloud and give all the glory to Zack. He's the real Hero of FFVII.

    It was roughly the same way for me and Clannad After Story. I watched episode 16 in Japanese with subs and curled into a ball crying. Same thing for episode 21. But then I watched episode 16 in English and I cried even harder. That was the first time everyone in my family has ever seen me cry.
    I'd be more interested is seeing you sobbing while watching the end of Crisis Core. I mean, that was on a PSP! But I gotta admit, that one was awesome. I still can't get past how useless Shin-Ra was for that. I mean, all of those soldiers for a wounded Zack?! They'd have to be really weak or he's just beast! I like to go for him being beast.
    I've only played the primary two games, so I wouldn't know anything about the others.

    Yea. All that's left is to create the thread.
    Nah, it's just the way that I worded it. And I have to say, I think I was a bit too old to be influenced by Kingdom Hearts. Not really sure though.

    By the way, I'm setting up the room mates for the HSB RP.
    You have the right to be nosy. I dangled something in front of you and reached for it. It's perfectly natural. But that is good to hear. I can't stand to lose important friends.
    It's cool. That's one of the bad things about living on opposite sides of the world.

    I know, and that's one reason that I didn't want to tell you. I had a feeling that I shouldn't have given that challenge. I find it excrutiatingly hard to say "no" to you.
    It's because it's about you. There are times that I feel that I have feelings for you. And I say that I haven't met you because of how far away we live.

    But I gotta go. Some of the others are wantin' the computer and the other one is messin' up.
    That's typically how I view even small things. I like to use the phrase, "What happens, happens."

    Challenge Acknowledged!
    That's typically how I look at things. Everything, that is.

    Heh. I think I might keep that one a secret for a little while. ...Unless you pester me enough.
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