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  • Looking cool is for people that dont' care if they die 20 times~

    By later I meant later arena fights and secret bosses. xD
    The main game though is as easy as guarding and hitting counter. You can pwn Terranort by standing in one place. xD
    Cause you can spam dodge roll and hardly ever be hit~ Dash has that slowing down/recovery frame at the end leaving you open.
    Cause critical is where it's at bby!!! That and BBS is easy on any mode till later in the game.
    Meh wisdom form is useless. Limit is where it's at cause you get dodge roll. 8D

    You can get 2nd chance and once more early too. TuT
    Guard won't help against Roxas. He attacks to constantly that he just breaks through it. The best way to deal with him is actually the strategy you love dodging. His one attack that's an issue is those orbs but if you have a Sora's trinity limit equipped it turns into a solo attack which you can use to attack him while he's shooting orbs. You can't hurt him but he can't hurt you either. 8D
    Oh oh did you get the three keyblade reaction command yet?! It's beyond satisfying to kick his ass with his own weapons. >:
    Isn't that something we established before? xD

    Spamming triangle is all you really need to do tbh. xD
    You must be abusing drive forms then. An unseen counter adds up as you use them til anti starts appearing. Only final form will reset it.
    I hope not. If it's on purpose then that just makes the whole more angering to me. xD

    Did you spam thunder? xD
    You should try the data fight. The clones actually get worse. xD
    I'm not sure it's supposed to or not but I fucking hate it. x[ I see you had trouble with it too.

    Not really. The data Roxas is a bit short sadly.

    It should be fine unless your on critical. xD
    Cause to finish Vanitas off you have to use that "last word" command style finisher and the damn thing hardly ever hits!!! Dx Vanitas himself is no problem but that one move missing will make you have to replay him several times.

    Some fights aren't very short though. Like you see a whole fight with dark side on the islands.

    Didn't take long. xD
    It was more than beautiful! I can see every detail! Each and every Terra muscle, Vens overly baby face features, even the veins and wrinkles on Xehanorts bald head. Best of all Aqua's boobs still jiggle!!!! Just finished Vens story today and it reminded me of why I absolutely hate the final Vanitas boss fight.
    Its far better than Days for many reasons. They're a bit short but you don't really care when watching cause your happy to get any at all. lol

    You'll get use to it quick. Games way easy.
    I started with BBS. It's awesome to play on the big screen. ;A;
    I also watched the entire coded movie and ti was great! =D

    KH2 will always be easy unless you go critical or lvl 1 playthrough. xD
    Haha No worry if its vague, I understand completely! Thanks for the tips, I definitely do appreciate it! c:
    What interests me the most is the lighting for what appears to be the filmstrip behind the sprite. Also how the sprite has this seamless outline/shadow that compliments the rest uve' the tag very well.
    Oh, and also. I was just curious. How were you able to do this for Shinra's signature?
    lmfao I'm dyin x'D

    Apparently so yes. xD

    I know right? I wish I could do that too. TnT Not only is the black beautiful but that artist added his own twist to that character and made her older but still very accurate.
    There's many more important things to worry about but murica is to dumb to bother too.

    This is just amazing: #294 Good morning message by 365-DaysOfDoodles on deviantART
    No it wasn't there for long. I was going to reply with quotes to it, something sarcastic like "Oh hey thanks I'm glad you like them too" just to be silly but then I remembered that we really shouldn't respond to those sorts of posts.
    I have a feeling that it might have been you who removed that junk post from my Pokemon thread? If yes, thanks! :) If no, well idk lol
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