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  • xD ha! you probably aint even old enough to remember games like that!
    if by everybody you mean newbs then yeah.
    xD one do you know a cat abuser? two how ya gonna mail him? and three i want to see that video when you do it!
    lol neither have i, the atari is beyond all our times.
    pfft these newer games are to easy with their mixed types, back in my day you went thru the pokemon league facing level 50's to near 80's whatever happened to this!?
    cause OoT is the best game.
    xD lmfao I KNOW! i mean theres animal abuse in homes and shit all the time but they, in their inf. wisdome, attack a mario power up thats over 20 years old.
    haha the only games back that far were pac man and space invaders ms. drops~ the atari came out mid to late 70's but things like mario didnt appear to mid 80's xD
    rofl why didnt you just grind on bellsprouts like everyone else? XD
    xD uh huh.
    ha i'll say >.> i can get thru a zelda game pretty decent but the water temple in both OoT and TP with its water levels is pure hell.
    lol and yer supporting that abuse >xD
    haha thats old for a game.
    xD you never even finished the originals!?
    ^ ^ course you will.
    hahahah now tha ti cant blame you for the water temple is always a bitch :/
    o,0 you...you can do that in pokemon now!?
    maybe depending on how old yer game is :3
    xD did you even finish pokemon then!?
    i bet you will~
    lol i didnt get that til i bought it off my cousin later, and did you even finish OoT? >:D
    o,0 didnt there used to be?
    lol guess it wasnt soothing enough then >XD
    that means nope.
    xD hahahahah! 8 isnt an excuse i beat it when i was 10!
    :rolleyes: *waiting*
    haha i mean exactly what it says i played the original pokemon year of release >XD
    what did it turn to? get a confusion tm xD

    then yer game hunt is a lost cause.
    :rolleyes: the original mario bros~
    xD i must see this list!
    haha i simple folk euphemism is above me >xD
    lol girl back in my day (like original pokemon) all the grinding you did made that seem very early.
    lol did you try places Amazon.com?
    xD not with what i've been told so far.
    lmao best one liner all night right there xD
    lol in my day it learned it early on if not starting with it.
    which one is it?

    i got to go to bed now, its 1:50am so that means i have to go to work in 5 hours xD bye~
    :rolleyes: there are many "truthes"~
    lol well yeah why else would it only learn like 4 moves that actually attack. xD they have nothing to do with it! haha what you mean in the 1st games it did exist could even use the cheat to get 99 masterballs.
    xD oooh so it hasnt even turned up yet.
    xD whaaaatever you need to tell yerself~
    lol thats cause its meant to be evolved, haha i remember the rare candy cheat in the original pokemon with that even an eevee was bad ass >XD
    :D oh really? but did you?
    xD excuses i say!
    >.> ...thats it?
    >xD dont worry to much bout that, the female charizards look nothing like a female.
    xD i can done see that you dont.
    xD they were! haha i also miss when ones were flamed so bad the thread got closed or couldnt recover~
    >:D prove it!
    :3 what you wanting yer eevee to be?
    xD oh come now im lazy bu ti finish them!
    xD true tho i kinda miss the 10 pages of spam were people tried to flame one another, it was good times~
    xD and i bet thats all to.
    >xD you still got there 3 badges faster than i did.
    D: you cant quit cause you get stuck! getting past it is one thing bout the games! ;~; dont be a quiter!
    xD haha sorry, you shouldnt be that way tho its not that bad back when it happened to me flamings we're rampant now the staff is much stricter on it.
    xD lol seems like you never finish them tho.
    lol how'd you go from 4 to 7!? i didnt know one could get lost in pokemon o,0
    that just means you didnt get far enough to enjoy anything.
    D: then why bother!?
    lol you dont need to start a thread for it to happen, tho its not as bad as it used to be.
    0,0 yet you still play games!?
    D: sorry to hear it stopped saving! did you at least beat it?
    :/.....many cutscenes? then you didnt get far i havent seen a cutscene in two days. i dont like it myself >.> but i want to see the story thru.
    xD then why do you start a file!?
    xD haha thanx was many years ago tho. :3 it shoudnt long as you know that basic knowledge.
    0,0....that has to be impossible!
    xD i never got to play crystal.
    0,0 why!?
    never played it.
    xD so was i. the 1st thread i had on my old account got flamed.
    D: *gasp* why!?
    c: nothing beats them good ol sivler and gold days~
    did you at least finish it? im not either honestly, i think 13 and crisis core are the only ones i have.

    its 2am and i worked today so i think i'll sleep now xD lol im tired see you later :3
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