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    Diamond or Pearl?

    on most of the sites that ive looked at with polls, everyone seems to want diamond over pearl. why is that? and the main aprt of this thread is to see which game people will be gettting
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    some one help PLEASE

    does anyone know of a site where you can download full, complete, free pc games such as halo or age of empires?
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    ohhhh 3 knights

    okay looking at that new screenshot of the knight and how much it looks like sora i came up with something...in kh2 kairi finally fights with a keyblade, so maybe all the knights are kairi, sora, and riku. it does look like a biggermuscular knight, a feminine kinght, and an average male knight.
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    Bad Idea?

    who thinks it was a bad idea on squares part to make KH3 not about sora and the gang? it is a big move for square
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    need help with configuring new computer

    hey im looking to buy a new omputer and i need a little help. most of my attention is on the delll XPS 400,and i know how to configure it just how i want but i am having a hard time making up my mind on something. should i spend around $250 on a "physics accelerator" or spend it on a 512MB ATI...
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    kh3 and disney

    okay i jsut thought of this liek 2 seconds ago. do you guys think disney will still ahve a part in the kh series when kh3 comes out? it looks more serious and the better graphics would make disney characetrs stick it. what do youthink?
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    new keyblades***possible spoilers***

    does anyone have any pictures of them? if no9t can you describe them...lol
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    for everyone who ahs gotten far enough in kh2 ****spoilers****

    not really ive been member to this forum for like a year...but after they remodeled the forums i ki9nda withereed off of it. now im back
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    for everyone who ahs gotten far enough in kh2 ****spoilers****

    okay thanx. and jeez you already got it? i dont know how everyone else did? order it online?
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    for everyone who ahs gotten far enough in kh2 ****spoilers****

    for everyone who ahs gotten far into kh2 who is the head of the orginization? and did the order change at all?
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    SPOILERS kh2 ending n clips

    can anyone give them to me that are not in filefront....for some reason filefront doesnt work on my comp thanx
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    ohh wait yeah i know lol when i return ncaa06 ill tell them how could it come out before japan gets it//???
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    okay i dont mean to start a big argument but i was at hollywood video last night and i saw aboyt 10 kh2 boxs and it said available this november so does this mean anything??? ohhj andf i dont care if you flame me cause its stupid