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    Film ► Dumbo 2019

    I thoroughly enjoyed the film The nods and easter eggs were sweet. The VFX, sets & costumes were beyond magical. Dreamland was fantastic with its influence of Disney theme parks & Burton's visual flair. And for as short as it was, I still adored The Pink Elephants performance. It was simple &...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    A Rescuers world would change the pace for once. Featured with original plot would be right down the KH alley.
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    Who did Sora speak to in the final world?

    My bet is on Strelitzia, but at the same time with the sudden girl Isa is so determined to find I can see parallels there as well. The way her star spoke to Sora was comprehended as very polite and reserved. If it is Strelitzia I would like it very much. It would offer her more room compared...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 in a Nutshell

    Kairi: "Let me keep you safe"
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 in a Nutshell

    All I needed was "Ouchie Ouch"
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    What did you LIKE about Kingdom Hearts 3

    . That fresh looking WATER simulation. I couldn't get enough of how the water blew my mind on the PS4 Pro. The river in Rapunzel's hideout looked eve better than in the film. Then you had the underwater rooms in Pirates. And now SE can make a Finding Nemo world possible without too much...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    He did want to have a picnic. So he went out of his way, cause he was hungry. The Disney worlds did nothing more but fill up time for the real plot to kick in. Only excuse, these new 7 hearts. But even that excuse lacked, the princesses were safe. So the Org members were bored out their wits...
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    Sora's lack of character development throughout the saga (spoilers therein)

    My analysis of Sora Feel I haft to get it out there It's hard to not like Sora in the first game. He's proactive, does not just let his childlike nature get the best of him. But he's not a well explored character. Being the pilot of the franchise, it was a solid start with the protagonist...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Funny enough I don't like how Sora is constantly scolded by Donald & Goofy. If anything Sora's been through a lot of rough spots without their interference and made it out fine. And the rest of the experienced wielders laughing at him, doesn't really sit that well with me. ( Especially with...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - Top 3 Worlds You Want w/explanation in Kingdom Hearts IV

    Unless Disney release that sequel pitch about other districts (birds, fish & reptiles) colliding with Zootopia's mammals, I don't know why anyone would worry about Goofy. As for Donald, things could be interesting. But I doubt they make a big deal about it. If anything they would waste a lot of...
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    The treatment of women in this series

    Eh, to me Kairi's character has been regressing. KH1, girl loses her heart, unconsciously gets stolen, follows on Riku's warning and uses her brains to at least escape, protects Sora from shadows, then remains irrelevant. KH2 set up a welcoming side of rebellion & dedication, but lacks in the...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Taking the words right out of my mouth.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    Nice visuals, but at this point I feel Nomura is just throwing out things that pops into his head, religiously. Forgetting important key points in the process. Kinda like a child forgetting to put back their figures in the toy box, and instead bring out a new one. Meanwhile, Kairi is...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Discussion

    Even if that was legit, I still don't buy it.